10 Best Indian Diss Tracks You Must Listen

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Diss culture has been trending in Indian hip-hop for a few years. Most of the audience who follows Indian Rap scene, got to know about diss tracks after the beef of Raftaar verses Emiway. Without any doubt that beef actually escalated the Indian hip-hop to another height but the diss culture started way before in India. There were beefs like Raga verses Muhfaad and Sikander Kahlon verses MC Evidence way before than Raftaar verses Emiway.

In this blog, we are going to cover 10 best Indian diss tracks you must listen. We will judge them on the basis of their effectiveness over an artist or hip-hop community, quality of diss track, and the response of the audience. We tried our best to be fair in this top 10 list. And you guys can have your different opinions because music is subjective.


In this list, we did not include tracks from the same beef or same artist, So that most of the beefs and artists get covered properly. There might be some better tracks but because most of them are from the same artists and the same beef, so we did not include them.

With this list we are not concluding any beef with a winner or loser, we are just listing the top 10 diss tracks you must listen. We are listing the Art not the Artist because each Artist has something special with them. Every artist is unique in their own way. So with this being stated, let us discuss the list.



Well, this is a diss track from the beef which escalated hip-hop to different heights and made Emiway the biggest Independent Artist of India. This track was a diss towards Raftaar, MC Stan, and Divine. Raftaar said few things about Emiway in an Interview that he is not earning right now because Rap game does not have that much recognition at the moment but Emiway did not like and dissed him. Emiway dissed Divine because the divine called himself the biggest rapper in the Underground scene. And they had a recent beef with 2 songs from each side but it got sorted out as it happened because of a misunderstanding. And at last, Emiway dissed MC Stan because MC Stan dissed him first for making fun of him in a Cypher. This diss was made to mainly target Raftaar and Raftaar did reply it.

This is the most viewed Indian Disstrack till now, It has over 111 Million Views with a length of 4 minutes and 42 seconds. This track and this beef changed the hip-hop scene in India. People got interested in this beef and all tracks in this beef got a lot of views. This is obviously not the best lyrical or brutal diss but this was enough to change the Rap scene. And for a general diss track it has the hard bantai flow with a lot of facts, metaphors, and sarcastic lyrics too. The music was done by one of the best Music Producer In Indian Hip-hop Flamboy, He always kills the beats. After this diss the battle continued which we will discuss in the number 2 spot of this list.



So, you might have guessed that this was gonna be on the second spot. Raftaar replied with the legendary diss track Sheikh Chilli, He did a great job even after being tied with a label. This track had an answer for each allegation Emiway made against Raftaar. In this track Raftaar rapped about how he is Emiway disappointed him by dissing him, he even talked in his Instagram lives that he does not hate Emiway but he is just disappointed because, after all, they did together, he dissed him for a statement which was not even hateful. In this, diss Raftaar showed his lyrical skills and talked about all the opportunity he gave Emiway and talked about their collaboration Sadak Remix, which they were going to release.

This music of this track was also made by Raftaar with Instine and they killed the beat. This also shows what raftaar can do ? He does make his own music a lot, Even in his recent album Mr. Nair, he produced a lot of tracks by himself. The audience who liked this track got to know about lyricism, metaphors, and Sarcasm. We have seen that Raftaar adds a lot of Sarcasm in his tracks as he did with his collaboration with Brodha V in Nachne ka Shauq by dissing mumble rappers and people who listen to mumble rap. Raftaar claimed that Emiway dissed him because he said Divine was bigger than him at that time, which kind of makes sense why Emiway dissed Raftaar? but Emiway did not accept that fact.

This track has a length of 4 minutes and 12 seconds with over 96 million views. This track was important for the major growth of Desi hip-hop. let’s move on to the thirds spot.



This was the diss track everyone thought no one can surpass for a long time but kr$na eventually surpassed himself with diss tracks like untitled, Maharani, and obviously Makasam. This was a diss to Emiway from Kr$na and it was a reply to the track of emiway named Seedha Takeover. In Seedha Takeover emiway subliminally took shots at Kr$na and Kr$na came back with a hard track named Seedha Makeover. A smart choice of title to attract the audience. This track surprised the audience because all the past beefs were not this lyrical and this track is just ruthless. Kr$na said what he knew will hurt the most. Kr$na even dragged Drax in this track as Drax and emiway had a collab. Drax had beef with Tory Lanez in which Tory Lanez literally pulled up on Drax and made him apologize. And everyone knows how much it hurts when someone talks bad about your friends?

This track is on the third position because this beef was the most reasonable beef and this track introduced us to pure lyrical hip-hop. In Free verse feast (Dawat), Emiway said he is the only one representing India and kr$na dissed him for that claim. Because there are many rappers who are representing India like Divine, Naezy, Raftaar, etc. So the reason for dissing emiway was good and this song has a great retention rate with great lyrics as well as.

This track recently crossed 6 million views and has a length of 3 minutes 36 seconds. The beat was produced by CALL ME G, and this beat just took this track to another level. You can enjoy this track on Kalamkaar YouTube channel.



So, this is the only career-ending diss in whole Desi hip-hop till now. This was a bootleg remix of Back Down track by 50 cents as the beat was the same. This track is the most brutal diss ever, in this diss Sikander Kahlon dissed a Mumbai based rapper named MC Evidence. MC evidence dissed Sikander Kahlon and did the worst mistake of his life. This diss made MC Evidence to change his name and destroyed his career. This beef is one of the oldest beef of Desi Hip-hop, It happened around 6 or 7 years back. It’s that old that the audio of this track is not even on his own channel. This track would have been on the top but the hip-hop audience was very less at that time.

Hip-hop was mostly commercial at that time. This track is now recognized mostly because of the You Tuber Rohan Cariappa, he mentioned this diss track in his list of top 10 diss tracks of 2019 but a lot happened after that, we have more brutal diss tracks. This diss track had tons of abusive words and there is one more diss in this list with almost the same level of brutality. You can guess it, if you have been following recent diss battles.



This is the track which led to the most lyrical beef in Desi Hip-Hop between Kr$na verses Muhfaad. In this track Muhfaad dissed Raftaar because he thought Raftaar didn’t call him to MTV hustle whereas, according to Raftaar he did send his name in the list but the authorities didn’t agree. In this diss Muhfaad called Raftaar as Ravan and again with his sarcastic style he dissed him for a lot of things. After this diss muhfaad did an Interview with Raj jones in which he told him about why he dissed Emiway in past?! He gave his reason as Raftaar wanted him to stand for him, so he dissed Emiway even after he knew the aftermath of the diss. In the track Happy Diwala, Muhfaad also challenged Kr$na for a diss battle, and even in the interview, he poked kr$na which led to the diss battle.

The length of this track is 3 minutes 15 seconds and this track is completely made my muhfaad . The music, lyrics, and mixing and mastering all is done by muhfaad. Which shows how good of an Artist Muhfaad is! And this track has crossed 1.2 million views. Since it was not a direct diss, so it was not that brutal. It was meant to be a party banger that is why the retention rate is pretty good. But yeah we cannot deny the fact that this track is the reason for the sudden growth of lyrical hip-hop.



Well, I hope you guys have already guessed this track to be on the list. Raga again with the most brutal and abusive diss track. Does this remind you of Don’t back down by Sikander kahlon ? Well yeah it is on the same level of brutality. Raga released this track when muhfaad mentioned him and Artisttaan in his diss tracks against Kalamkaar. And then Raga just came with this track and Yawar is the beat producer of this beat. Raga and Yawar are the top artists of Artisttaan and everyone knows that when they work on a track together, they just kill it.

The beat was sick and unique as it had many transitions within just 1 minute and 52 seconds of length. Raga just killed it with his demon voice and it had pretty great lyrics and rhyme scheme. This track was not about facts but all about ruthless aggression. Raga let out all his anger in this track, the beat made this track so catchy that it alone escalates the retention rate higher and the voice of Raga is like a plus point.

This track was purely made to hurt muhfaad as it was brutal, it was not made for views or anything otherwise raga could have made a longer track and made a thumbnail instead of just putting a line from the lyrical video as a thumbnail. The beef between these two rappers ended with this track. In desi hip-hop there is no winner in beefs because people support artists more than there art, so most of the beefs just ended up with more fame for artists included in the beef.



Many of you might have never heard of this diss track. This was a diss track targetting Divine by EPR. We exactly do not know why EPR dissed Divine? but what the description of this suggests is that it was not a serious diss track but EPR got a lot of clout with this. The description says that he dissed Divine to spice up things as Desi hip-hop was getting boring. This track got over a million views till now, which is a pretty big deal. The quality of this was really good, the video kind of resembles the Kiki Challenge trend, and even the lyrics were fun. So possibilities are that EPR dissed divine just for fun and even in an interview with Raj Jones, Naezy said that it was a healthy beef which means there is nothing serious between them just a healthy competition.

Although Divine never replied to this track with a diss but he said in an interview that he liked it and took it positively. Naezy admitted that he was being kind of rude to EPR in MTV Hustle just because of this diss track. The diss track is fun, you guys can check it out on the channel of EPR.



Well I am pretty sure no one has seen Divine this angry before. This was the second diss track by divine in which he showed his lyrics and stunnah showed his music. The video concept was all about that emiway knows everything, that he is getting dissed by everyone as the video is in a format of WhatsApp texting. Every text showing lyrics has blue ticks which show that emiway is reading and watching everything but he doesn’t have guts to reply. When the song ends Divine left the chat which means that emiway would not be able to reply to this diss track but as we all know Emiway did replied with a hard track. The length of this track is 3 minutes 34 seconds and it already got over 5.5 million views.

In this track divine showed pure technicality and puts allegations against emiway that he used to stick to his group just for fame and he is still is not making pure hip-hop. But yeah this beef sorted out after Emiway called divine clearing the misconceptions. The misconceptions were that emiway dissed divine on his religion and that is the only reason Divine dissed Emiway. After this all, they both went live and cleared it to the audience which is a good thing.  Because they both are on top right now so they should grow hip-hop with peace.

This track is on number 8th spot because this beef did very minimal harm or profit to any of them. Yeah the Genghis khan allegation was a big deal from the diss Emiway made after this track but divine cleared it out in his stories on Instagram. So this beef was the quickest one.



This is a pure hip-hop track by MOB D and Dakait shaddy . These guys are pretty underrated but they live hip-hop. They represent the Dehradun city of Uttarakhand. Back in 2018 a crew named Grind Music, which represents Haldawani town of Uttarakhand dissed the Team Evolution and Dehradun Hip-hop. As Dakait Shaddy and MOB D represents Dehradun mainly as they are the most famous Artists from that City. They both replied to Grind Music with this diss track named Capital Punishment. The name of this diss track is pretty smart as Dehradun is the Capital of Uttarakhand and Grind Music claimed that Haldwani is the Hip-hop capital of Uttarakhand, which is why now Dakait Shaddy and MOB D are giving them Capital Punishment.

This diss track is really great, the lyrics are great as there are references, the world plays and great flows, the speciality of MOB D and Dakait Shaddy is that their flow is really unique. The video of this track gives a gangster vibe as there is a gun and a Dagger with a person on the chair getting tortured. And the beat of this track is out of the world, it was produced by JohnXProd and Bobby Venturi. This diss does not have many views but still, it was a quality diss.



This is the most underrated diss track in India hip-hop. Rob C dissed Fotty Seven in this diss and he got a lot of hate from the audience. The beef happened because of few personal reasons between Rob C and Fotty Seven, Rob C explained everything in a video he uploaded on his YouTube and after that video Rob C is getting more respect as he cleared everything that the reason for beef was personal, not professional. According to him Fotty Seven abused him even after all the help Rob C did to push the songs of Fotty Seven. Fotty Seven dissed Rob C in his tracks Swaha and this track is the reply of Swaha. The lyrical ability of Rob C is absolutely great. This track had a lot of metaphors, references, Rhyme schemes and the flow was great as well. The beat was made, mixed and mastered by Trappy 808 and it was really sick, the beat complimented the flow of Rob C. Fotty seven never replied Rob C directly but we got some great diss tracks from Rob C.

One thing which Rob C said in his clarification video on his channel was that Artists barely diss for fame or clout because if you are already a well-established Artist who is getting shows in clubs and Festivals, you will think a lot before dissing anyone. He said a diss needs as much money as other songs need for production but the difference is that you can not perform diss tracks on festivals. The diss would not be played at Radio or TV either, so dissing someone for hype is not the good Deal for Artists.


So with this last track we conclude our Top 10 Indian Disstracks list and we hope you enjoyed it. We made this list like this so that all major beefs can get covered otherwise the whole list would have been filled with the same beefs and artists. Thanks for reading this and respect every artist.

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