Benefits Of Studying While Listening To Music

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Here we go guys, In this article, we will see the benefits of studying while listening to music. Music can evoke many different emotions in people. For example, it can make someone feel pumped before a battle, joyful at a christening, or sad at the funeral of a loved one.

Soldiers often use music as a way to get themselves psyched up for a fight, celebrate victory, and mourn losses. Researchers at John Hopkins carried out experiments that prove that listening to music reduces anxiety, helps the brain and body maintain calm, and also improves mental alertness.

Can Music Aid Learning?

It has long been debated whether or not music has any benefits to people who study with it. According to many studies, the answer is a definitive yes. In addition to making you smarter, here are four other benefits of studying music:

  1. Music while studying helps the brain’s cognitive functions get improved and this makes concentration and focuses on the task at hand much easier.
  2. When you hear music the left and right brains get activated at the same time helping to awaken both hemispheres of the brain which then maximizes learning and improves the memory.
  3. Music while studying Helps to relieve anxiety and tension making the body conditioned to take up new tasks.
  4. Music also lessens distractions and makes you numb to background activities that could pose a distraction. 

College students in the US often suffer from anxiety and depression. Data collected from colleges shows that 6 out of 10 students had to deal with overwhelming anxiety, while more than 40% of the students were experiencing crippling depression. 

Why Is College Considered Hard?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fresh out of high school or a working adult looking to finish your degree – college is hard. 

Most people would agree that one of the biggest challenges of higher education is the workload. With classes, homework, essay writing, and exams, it can be tough to find time for anything else. Daily, students ask themselves – “who can help me write my papers” or “where to buy essays online”. Usually, at this point it becomes hard for the student to balance academics and music might not always come through at such moments, however, that should not be much of a problem as the bibliography by EduBirdie has a system that helps overworked college students cope.

In addition to the workload, many students feel pressure to succeed. They worry about getting good grades, making friends, and finding their place in the world. And then there are the expenses – tuition, room and board, textbooks, and more.

What Type of Songs Are Best for Studying?

Studies over the years have shown that the ideal and best type of music to listen to when we study is classical music, in particular, Mozart’s and also piano-based music. This does not however mean that other genres cannot be of special aid while studying. Music study.

It has been proven that the unconventional study of music Metal-rock has a way of stabilizing the brain in a way that relaxes it and makes assimilation easy. It is worthy of note that not all songs are convenient and advisable for studying.

For example, songs that make you want to sing along or songs that contain conscious lyrics and direct your brain to particular events are not good for studying. Here is a curated list of songs that could ease your mood and help harp your ability to memorize.

However, this might not always be the case as reactions to music are subjective to different conditions which the students might be under at that particular moment. Nick Perham and Harriette Cure from the Applied Psychology Department of Cardiff Metropolitan University ran a study in 2014 with four groups of students on how studying while listening to music works. The first group who studied in silence performed 60% better than the last two groups who studied with music that had lyrics and also slightly better than the second group who studied with music that had no lyrics. 

So even though it is believed that listening to music while studying is beneficial to the brain and recommended, it is not a universal truth across all cases. 


Surgeons are known to listen to music before surgical operations to help them tense down and relax their nerves, music is used during therapy sessions and it is correct when people say “music is the best and cheapest therapy”. Certain times when schoolwork becomes frustrating and it seems music isn’t helping you catch up then maybe it’s time for a little break (with the music still plugged in) so you do not suffer a breakdown.

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