How Old Is Prince Charles? 25 Riveting Facts About Him

How old is Prince Charles

Hey buddies! In this post, we will discuss How Old is Prince Charles. We will also consider some most interesting facts about him. Prince Charles is now the King of the United Kingdom and fourteen Commonwealth realms. He is the son of the Quen of Elizabeth II.

After his mother passed away on 8 September 2022, Charles assumed the role of king. The ceremony where he officially became king happened at Westminster Abbey on 6 May 2023. Charles gave his first official speech. During this televised address, he honored his mother’s life and committed, “throughout the remaining time God grants me, to uphold the Constitutional principles at the heart of our nation.” He became the oldest person to become the British monarch at the age of seventy-three. This followed his record as the heir apparent and Prince of Wales for the longest time in British history.

Prince Charles is the grandson of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and the great-grandson of King George V and Queen Mary. Going back in generations, he’s the great-great-grandson of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, and also the great-great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, as well as Christian IX, the King of Denmark.

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How Old Is Prince Charles?

Hoe old is Prince Charles

Are you excited to know How old is Prince Charles? Let me tell you he is 74 years old. During his student years, Charles excelled academically. He pursued studies in archaeology, anthropology, and history at Trinity College, a division of the University of Cambridge. Alongside his studies, he engaged in diverse activities and gained a reputation as an intelligent young man. Following his graduation, he entered a military career, where he served as a helicopter pilot and even took command of a ship during his service period.

Furthermore, Charles actively participates in various charitable organizations and foundations, concentrating on fields like education, environment, architecture, and community development. Apart from his personal charitable initiatives, Prince Charles also held patronage for more than 350 other charities and organizations. He backs humanitarian projects across the globe, which led to the creation of Prince’s Charities Australia, and Prince’s Charities Canada.

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25 Riveting Facts About Him

King Charles

Here we are presenting 25 facts about Prince Charles you must know. Let’s explore the following facts.

  1. Prince Charles was born on 14 November 1948 as the first child of Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
  2. He has two brothers Prince Edward and Prince Andrew and a sister Princess Anne.
  3. King George VI was his maternal grandfather, Elizabeth’s father. After his death, Elizabeth succeeded to the throne.
  4. As the next in line for the throne, he carried the titles of the Duke of Cornwall, the Duke of Rothesay, the Earl of Carrick, Baron Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland.
  5. Charles deviated from the usual royal tradition by going directly to university after completing his A-levels, instead of joining the British Armed Forces.
  6. Charles served in both the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Navy. While in his second year at Cambridge, he underwent training with the Royal Air Force.
  7. Following the graduation ceremony in September, Charles began his naval career by enrolling in a six-week course at the Royal Naval College Dartmouth.
  8. He married Princess Diana in 1981. They have two sons together, William and Harry.
  9. However, Charles and Diana ended their marriage through a divorce on 28 August 1996. the reason behind it was both were unhappy in the relationship.
  10. He became more protective of his sons after Diana’s death in 1997.
  11. Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles and he was the only royal family member to have a civil marriage, unlike a church marriage.
  12. He is familiar with multiple languages can also read Arabic and speak French and Welsh fluently.
  13. His original name is Charles Philip Arthur George or Charles III. He is popular as Prince Charles while he is presently the King of the UK.
  14. He holds the distinction of being the Prince of Wales with the longest tenure in British history, exceeding the previous record set by Edward VII.
  15. Esquire magazine named him the best-dressed man in the world in 2009. He secured the top position, surpassing individuals like Boris Johnson, Bill Nighy, and even Barack Obama.
  16. In 1974, The Prince became a certified helicopter pilot and subsequently joined the 845 Naval Air Squadron.
  17. Charles participates in more official events than both of his sons William and Harry, a trend that has continued for numerous years.
  18. Prince Charles possesses a strong passion for environmental preservation and sustainable progress. He established The Prince’s Trust with the aim of assisting deprived youth in the United Kingdom.
  19. It is believed that Charles had a huge crush on actress Barbra Streisand during his college years.
  20. Following the British government’s invitation in 2019, Charles and Camilla embarked on an official trip to Cuba, becoming the first British royals to visit the nation.
  21. Prince Charles has written numerous books covering subjects like architecture, gardening, and climate change.
  22. His coronation marked the initial instance of foreign monarchs attending a British monarch’s coronation. A total of 16 monarchs were present, including the kings of Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, and Sweden.
  23. He has also engaged in multiple international tours, advancing British diplomacy and fostering goodwill.
  24. In 2016, he was honored with the Londoner of the Decade Award during “The London Evening Standard Progress 1000 Awards”.
  25. Charles and Camilla participated in a National Service of Thanksgiving on 5 July 2023, during which they received the Honours of Scotland at St Giles’ Cathedral.

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