How To Watch Live Stream Concerts and Festivals Online From Anywhere?

Live Stream Concerts

Here we go guys, In this blog, I am going to discuss how to watch live stream concerts and festivals online from anywhere. Due to the growing number of Covid-19 cases and the virus constantly mutating, a lot of people are choosing not to travel. Some are scared of contracting the virus while others refrain from travel because of the travel restrictions. Yes, some countries like China have imposed travel restrictions again due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases.

In such an environment, things that most people miss are international festivals, concerts, and similar events. As an alternative to being present on the location, people now watch live-stream concerts and festivals online to satisfy their itch for entertainment. However, not everyone is able to watch such programs online. There are various causes behind it and thankfully, you can fix them. Here’s what you can do:

Use a VPN

A lot of times, the geo-restrictions make it impossible for you to stream events and festivals online. It happens because those channels that offer live streaming are blocked in your state or area. For example, not everyone can stream live matches from FIFA World Cup 2022. Many states have geo-restrictions. 

The channels that have licenses to stream FIFA matches are blocked in certain states. It is especially true for most of China and a few other Southeast Asian Countries. However, it isn’t an issue that cannot be fixed as there are a lot of VPNs for China and other countries that can help. You need to download and install the VPN, and you’ll be good to go. Turn it on whenever there’s a FIFA match and you can stream it online.

Switch to Tor

Contrary to popular belief, Tor is an amazing browser and it’s certainly legal in most states around the world. Anything that’s used for an illegal purpose is illegal, so if you use Tor legally, it would be legal. All those statements regarding Tor being the dark web are a myth. 

Now coming to live-streaming of concerts and festivals online, you can always use Tor for it. Tor doesn’t reveal your IP address or location, so anything that’s geo-blocked won’t be blocked for you. Whatever concerts, festivals, or shows you want to stream can be easily done using Tor, and that too, anonymously. No one would know that it’s you doing everything behind the screen. 

Go for Proxy Servers 

Another way to live stream festivals and concerts that aren’t available in your area is by going with the proxy servers. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the website you’re trying to reach and you. A proxy server has its own IP address just like any other device connected to the internet.

Thus, when you connect to the internet with a proxy server, it switches your IP address and shows the one that belongs to the proxy server. The best part of the story is that you don’t have to install a proxy server as it runs in the browser. On the other hand, it grants you a different IP address by routing its traffic toward you. The only problem is that it works just for the browser and not the entire device, so you cannot use it for other applications on your device.

Try DNS Changers

Last but not least, you can try DNS changers or smart DNS. An abbreviation for Domain Name System, they make different domain names; for example, Twitter and Instagram, readable for your smartphones, laptops, and personal computers. A DNS changer can also help you live stream geo-blocked content whether it’s a concert, a festival, a TV show, or a fashion blog. 

It helps by changing your device’s DNS settings with a different DNS server. In this way, you’re able to access all the blocked content with a rogue IP address and an anonymous location. Although it isn’t recommended to use a DNS changer as it’s mostly associated with criminal activities around the world, you can still use it once or twice if nothing else works.

The Final Word…

Needless to say, anything that’s geo-blocked isn’t always legal, so all these geo-blocked things are sometimes illegally blocked. Therefore, it’s okay to use the tricks mentioned above and live stream all your favorite concerts and festivals online. Rest assured, all the tips and tricks I’ve shared here are going to be supremely beneficial. Here’s wishing you a wonderful day ahead! 

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