How To Manage Studies With Music Production?

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How to manage studies with Music Production? The most common problem of Music Producers these days. Many of you Producers might be in College or School and stressed because it’s being hard to manage both Music and Studies together but don’t worry, I got you covered up. I am a Music Producer too and I am going through such issues too, so I can relate with you all. I will try to cover up all problems producers face while keeping studies and Music production together. I have made a list of different problems and their solutions. If you follow these tips then you might be able to improve your studies and Music together, so yeah let’s get started.

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The most basic problem and almost everyone faces this one, well if your parents do support you then it is great and you can skip to the next issue. So, let’s talk about this briefly, most parents don’t support a music career because the entertainment industry is huge and they don’t want you to take risks because they are scared that you won’t be able to make a career out of it. they trust you and your ability but they don’t trust the industry that’s why they mostly force you to study something which they think would be easier to do. They might be forcing you for their choice of career because society is filled with such common jobs like engineers, doctors, etc. But how to deal with it?


First of all, don’t hate them for being like that, they just care about you and don’t want you to suffer in the struggle they might have done in their time. Since they might be afraid of the Music Business, so you can talk to them and explain to them about it, show them the ways of success in Music, and make them listen to your Music. But if they still don’t get on the same page then you have to study, since you are living on your parent’s payroll so you have to do things according to them. Keep Music as a side hustle and study to learn the skill they want you to study or something that might be beneficial for your future and will satisfy your parents, So that you can get a job after finishing your studies and once you are not on their Payroll you can invest on your music too. So, don’t stress much, problems will be there forever and these are just struggling times so go with what satisfies you and your family.

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This is a big problem people can’t get over usually. Managing time for music while pursuing studies is hard but it’s not impossible. what most people do is, they get back home from school or college and they are tired as there is no energy left after a long day at school or college, then they just take a rest and produce music at night, after that they just repeat the cycle. And many Producers only produce at weekends because of the low energy and messed-up schedule and you cant give your best in music like that. In Simple words, Producers procrastinate their music because of studies. So, how to manage your Studies and Music Production?


The only solution for this is to make a schedule and follow it strictly, you have to work harder and smarter than you do. Add exercises, meditation, and Entertainment to keep your brain out of stress. Follow the schedule for at least a week or two and you will be used to it, you will eventually feel the difference and improvement in your lifestyle and Music. And if your day is very busy then try to Produce music in the early morning and not at night, because after a tiring day your brain can easily miss out on a ton of great ideas, so if you produce music in the morning before going to Work/School/College then you might get more fresh ideas and your brain won’t be tired and starting the day with music can make your day more positive and fresh. try different schedules and see what fits best for you! most importantly, enjoy the process.

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With struggle, comes stress! you might be stressed about your studies, parents, financial condition, etc. There are a bunch of reasons to get stressed if you start counting. Especially when you are studying something you are not interested in and giving your whole day at school or college learning that subject, it can get you frustrated. You might question yourself a lot that why you are doing that? and everything around you would look so negative. And the pressure that parents put on their kids nowadays is just too much, they want high grades and everything and many parents don’t even care about the mental health of their kids which is sad but a reality. And after all problems, Music can be frustrated too, especially when you have a creative block, it can get frustrating and you might think you are wasting your time on music because there are tons of other people who have the same dream. Well, these were all the problems you might be facing but how to deal with them?


Let’s clear one thing you are not alone in these situations but you are the only one you have to care about. If you have read this blog properly then you must have noticed in the “Time Management” section that I mentioned Meditation and Exercise and it is the key to being happy. Problems like these and stress would always be there to annoy you even when you would be successful but you need to train your brain for them and change your perspective towards them. Everything might be negative for you now because your perspective is negative and you are tired. Try exercise and meditation for at least one week and you will feel the difference. And you have to struggle through these problems to achieve something great because there is no shortcut, so keep going. If you are having a creative block then try to recreate any song you like or try learning something different like Sound Design or Mixing your previous tracks with better techniques, making random music with no genre and you might get a great melody idea, etc. So keep grinding because that is all you have to do to reach your goals.

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People lack consistency and that is where they lose the whole game. People lack consistency because they get bored with the process and schedule and they overthink the future or result. There were many artists who buzzed but could not keep their buzz up because of a lack of consistency and many stopped producing because they thought they are not seeing any result or they are not getting any outcome of their hard work. But how to be consistent?


This is a skill everyone needs to learn. Consistency is really important while you are on your side hustle. If you break your schedule and pattern of music release then your audience might break the connection with you. People do prefer quality over quantity but at the moment you have to provide quantity while improving because your priority is to learn as much as you can and consistency will teach you a lot. Most of the big artists you see nowadays were consistent with their side hustle for example Diplo was also doing side hustle and now he is one of the most successful artists. Stay consistent and don’t expect any outcome for a long time, you won’t get much support at the start but remember you just need one hit to reach a certain level, so keep producing without expecting much from it in the beginning. And you will feel bored at times, So it is alright to take breaks but don’t get used to it. To stay consistent, keep reminding yourself of the goals you need to achieve. And if you are bored with your schedule then keep changing it, change your time for personal study or music, for example, you can produce music at night instead of morning or vice versa.

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This is more of an excuse people make than an actual problem. Many of you might still be looking for a cheap course in Music Production or trying to convince your parents to let you join any academy to learn Music Production and to be honest, you are wasting a lot of time while doing that. Yeah, you might be thinking that you need to be certified to become a Music Producer or a Sound Engineer but you are wrong their buddy!


So, how to actually learn Music Production? There are tons of YouTube tutorials and tons of self-learned producers who never joined any academy! I am not against the academy but you are reading this because most probably your parents are not letting you join the academy. So, just go on YouTube and Google for great tutorials, there are even Sound Engineers who learned everything from the Internet and now are teaching others with their YouTube Tutorials and academies. You can be as professional as someone who graduated from the academy if you have the urge to learn more. There are thousands of Excuses you can make if you just want to avoid things and want to use Music Production as a way to avoid your studies. Even I started producing music on my phone and there are many producers who still do it. So if you crave to learn it then just find a way to do it.

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That is all for this blog, I hope it helped you and keep the hustle going because that’s the only option you have at the moment. Try to avoid all negative comments your family or your friends might make about you, just hustle enough that your instincts trust you on your path.

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