Ways That Music And Mathematics Are Related

Music and Mathematics
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It seems like Music and Mathematics are from absolutely opposite worlds. There is a totally different set of skills required for obtaining each one of them and very discrete people are interested in them. However, it is a known fact that such opposite things might as well empower each other.

You probably noticed that Music and Mathematics lessons are both included in the basic set of subjects for pupils in middle school. Even though we used to believe that Math is a more significant subject, I might now quite agree. As we grow, both subjects highlight their importance and the value they bring to beautiful minds. So, our main goal is to understand how they are related and how they can work for our benefit together.

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Common Education Approach In Mathematics And Music

It is a known fact that discipline is a major thing in each subject. Whatever you do, whether it is the exact science subjects or the creative ones – they both require a lot of work to be actually done. Of course, they have slightly different approaches and concepts, but as basic education subjects, they would require flexibility, time investment, and enough effort. Another thing that is in common is also practice.

The music required practicing the technique as much as possible. The more songs you sing or play, the more verified they are, and the better artist you become. The same goes for Math. The more Math problems you solve, the more flexible your mind gets and every next Math problem becomes more solvable. In addition, math word problem answers are always available to check yourself and make sure you got the problem right.

It is slightly more complicated with Music. There is a specific set of musical notes you need to know, but each musical piece also involves some improv and personal touch. Only then it is considered a true art piece. To get to the point of creating something on your own, you might have to get pretty good at recreating past melodies and songs that have already been written and sung. Only then you could master rhythm and be able to be the creator. Who would think that the two things that make one a great artist are a practice and Mathematics? 

How Math Helps With Feeling The Sound In Music

It might be hard to believe, but some of the Math exercises can actually help with the music and getting the rhythm. Music is in fact measured and has sounds divided into beats. So, feeling the rhythm basically means being able to count enough beats in a measure with equal breaks.

Let’s take a look at the piano. The logic behind it is that it is based on and located the keys on the board depending on the frequencies. There is no wonder that people who are good at Math are actually fond of music. Moreover, they tend to have “musical hearing”.

It basically means that people are actually able to subconsciously count the breaks and be able to sing, dance, or even play musical instruments with the help of various mathematics techniques. It is a wonder how two absolute opposite things could work in such tandem and empower each other.

Moreover, I am sure there were times when you took headphones and played some music to concentrate on solving a Math problem. It is a known fact that calm and rhythmical music helps you concentrate and actually get complicated things done. 

To sum it up, Math and Music are not that different and are in fact related. Those subjects are something that set a basic foundation for students’ knowledge. High school, college, and the university are times for students to find out what they actually want to do. Sometimes, adding unrelated subjects, at first glance, might change their path.

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In addition, both sides of one’s brain are working and this is a good enough distraction to actually add flexibility and sophistication to young minds. There are people who hate Math and that are too exhausted from Music lessons. But both of them can be beneficial and actually along with each other in achieving great results. It is fair advice to invest time in both spheres in order to become a versatile and intelligent person. A great idea would be to get used to exploring various sides of yourself such subjects could be a great help. 

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