man playing guitar at concert on christamas evening

🎄May God bless you with a festive, loving and peaceful 🎊

🎊 celebration this Christmas and all throughout the year.🎄

Christmas is coming and without music the celebration is sober. so that’s why we are here for you festival and music lover people, we make a spotify playlist for you in this playlist you get above 60 songs of hit collection in free and lot of songs may surprise you.

We cover many artist like mariah carey , Brenda Lee , Andy Williams , Ariana Grande , elvis presley , The Vamps , Justin Bieber & Many more.

If you love the Rock music then you absolutely love the rock version of Jingle bell , because this song is the identity of this Christmas festival.


If you want a youtube playlist for dance on christmas songs there here is this Just press the play button and forget the world.

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