DJ Paul Elstak and Klubbheads has released their new official music video named “Memories” at Spinnin Records. We will see the most unique, amazing or non forgettable memories of both of them in the video song. Now the song is here, DJ Paul Elstak shared about collaboration with Klubbheads on his Instagram account before.

All the Old memories of them are shows in this Official Music video, that’s why they have given this song name “Memories“.

Here is the Official video song “Memories” by the most popular artists DJ Paul Elstak and Klubbheads. Hope you like this song and must share “Memories” with your friends.

DJ Paul Elstak x Klubbheads – Memories is OUT NOW! Like this track? Download or add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE: CLICK_HERE

Klubbheads is a team of dance music producers and DJs from the Netherlands. They have more than 40 aliases for their recordings, including Hi_Tack, DJ Disco and Drunkenmunky.

Paul Roger Elstak is a Dutch hardcore/gabber and happy hardcore DJ and record producer. He used to use his full name to create happy hardcore and DJ Paul for hardcore gabber, but when he started Offensive Records in 2001, he started using both names for gabber.



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