How Affordable Acoustic Guitars Empower Street Musicians?

Acoustic Guitars Empower
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Here we go guys, in this article, we will be looking at how affordable Acoustic guitars Empower street musicians. There is a lot of talent hidden in people. Some go unnoticed for years whereas others you can find on street corners and city center. For a singer-songwriter, the guitar is a trusty companion. The guitar is versatile and is the perfect instrument to complement street performance.

Unfortunately, good guitars are not cheap, and cheap guitars aren’t good. So it gets difficult for street musicians to afford expensive guitars. However, there is still hope. Many affordable guitars help level the playing field for struggling street musicians.  

Street musicians look for budget lightweight guitars. These guitars provide a good value for money. So let’s talk about affordable acoustic guitars and see how they change street musicians’ landscape.   

Few Affordable Acoustic Guitars That Is Changing The Street Music  

Affordable acoustic guitars are a game-changer for street performers. They’re accessible, letting musicians from all backgrounds pursue their passion. Plus, they’re portable and durable, perfect for street performances. Street musicians face numerous challenges such as unstable income, Legal obstacles, and physical strain. 

Here are some budget-friendly options from Zager guitars:

  • ZAD50 OM: This solid spruce guitar offers professional quality at an entry-level price of $895. Its smaller size and thin body make it easy to play on the move.
  • Zager 38-inch Parlor: At $795, this smaller-sized guitar doesn’t compromise on sound quality. Its compact design and comfortable playability make it ideal for street performers.
  • Zager Travel Size: This acoustic-electric guitar, priced affordably, is perfect for musicians on the move. With solid mahogany construction and custom electronics, it’s a top choice for street gigs.

Find out more about guitars in the Zager blog.

3 Problems That Street Musicians Face All The Time!

Street musicians face a lot of challenges while navigating the urban landscape.  

  1. No Steady Income

One significant challenge for street musicians is the lack of stable income and financial security. Unlike traditional performers, street musicians rely on the money from passersby. This unpredictable income stream can make it difficult for them to make ends meet.

  1. Legality Problems

Street musicians often fall prey to regulation from local law enforcement. Many cities have strict rules preventing street performances. In some places, they even require licenses to perform in certain areas. These bureaucratic hurdles can be time-consuming and costly to overcome. There have been instances where street musicians face harassment.

  1. Physical Toll

The physical demands of street performances can take a toll on mental well-being. Hours of playing in outdoor environments expose them to harsh weather conditions. Not only the performer but their guitars are also exposed to this.  

How Affordable Acoustic Guitars Empower Street Musicians?

Affordable acoustic guitars help empower street musicians. Here is how these accessible instruments make a difference:

More Accessible

Street performers can follow their musical dreams because of acoustic guitars. Street performers do not earn much so an affordable guitar is a godsend. These guitars are available to people from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

An Extension Of The Performer

Street musicians often rely on their instruments as a means of self-expression. Affordable acoustic guitars help them tell their stories through their songwriting. Whether it’s an original or a cover, these guitars can help street performers connect with their audiences.


Many affordable acoustic guitars are lightweight and portable. This makes them ideal companions for street performers who need to move around a lot. This portability allows musicians to take their music all over the city. A good lightweight guitar helps them be comfortable on the move.


Affordable acoustic guitars come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. They cater to different musical preferences and playing styles. Whether it’s a classical guitar or a dreadnought, there is something for everyone.

Get The List Of Affordable Guitars For Street Musicians

You can get a guitar for as cheap as $300. But are they any good? If you are looking for a good affordable guitar check out these Zagers under $1000.

  1. ZAD50 “OM”

The Zager ZAD50 “OM” has been designed to meet the demands of professional players. Regardless of that, at a more entry-level price of just $895, the ZAD50 series includes all the elements that make a superior instrument. The guitar sports a solid wood construction, high-quality hardware, and a comfortable. 

The hand-carved bracing system produces a robust and powerful sound, while frets ensure smooth movement across the fretboard without discomfort. The ZAD50 “OM” Size guitar boasts a smaller Orchestra Model design. It is 15% smaller in size and comes coupled with a narrow hourglass shape and thin body. This makes the guitar play while resting on the player’s lap for better control. While the thinner body slightly alters the sound profile, it remains balanced and suitable for recording studio environments. 

The ZAD50 features custom string spacing, a soft touch fret design, and an adjustable truss rod. This makes it easy to accommodate various playing styles and preferences. Additionally, it has Zager standards like a hand-carved bone nut and saddle, hand-laid abalone inlay rosette, and Grover tuning machines. Although this Zager model is on a more expensive scale of guitars, street performers will find great value in this model. This is because, at this price point, you are getting premium guitar features at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Zager 38-inch Parlor

The Zager 38-inch Parlor is a great choice for traveling street performers. It is a small-sized guitar that does not compromise on sound quality.

The Zager Parlor has a design geared towards comfort and playability. It boasts a 2-inch shorter-scale neck that makes it easier for most players. Different from other parlor guitars it still delivers a rich and deep sound thanks to its slightly larger box. It is made from solid wood with a hand-carved bracing system and a custom neck design. 

From users and master guitarists themselves there is a lot of praise for the Zager Parlor. Its performance for its price is exceptional, often surpassing guitars priced twice as high by top manufacturers. This guitar offers unparalleled value at $795. 

Zager has put attention to detail in features like the adjustable truss rod, a soft touch fret design, and a hand-laid abalone inlay rosette. Additionally, the slim neck design and custom string spacing promote easy help playability. This allows for greater speed and accuracy while minimizing string buzz and finger fatigue. The Zager Parlor 38-inch can be a great choice for street performers looking for an affordable without sacrificing sound quality or playability. 

  1. Zager Travel 

The Zager Travel Size Acoustic-Electric guitar is another great compact solution for street musicians. They have the same high-quality finish as their full-sized counterparts. The Zager Travel offers convenience without compromising on performance. 

It is a great guitar for when you’re traveling. The Zager Travel guitar features a solid mahogany wood construction that improves in sound quality over time. The use of premium materials is what sets this guitar apart from the rest. It comes equipped with custom electronics and an automatic tuner. Even if you need to plug in your guitar for street performances, look no further than this.

The onboard Fishman electronics package includes custom equalization, allowing you to tailor your sound to your playing style. It has a slim neck design, custom string spacing, and of course, Zager’s soft touch fret design. With a small footprint, the Zager Travel offers great playability and comfort even when you’re on the go!

Keep The Street Music Loud!

Affordable acoustic guitars play a big role in empowering street musicians. These budget-oriented instruments will not only be easy on the wallet. They will be a great companion for years to come too! With the money you save, you can invest in other accessories that will add flair to performances!

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