20 Best British Rock Bands Of All Time

best British Rock Bands
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Hey readers! How have you been? I hope you are doing well. How about knowing British rock bands? I find this topic intriguing, and here I am. So let’s discuss it. This article comprises a list of the 20 best British rock bands that actually can give you an amazing experience whilst listening to them. 

However, I will also suggest the best songs of all these bands so that you can decide what you would want to hear first. The special thing about these British rock bands is that they have defined mostly every genre including hard rock to punk, new wave, indie, and Britpop and this has resulted in influencing millions and billions of rock fans over the years.

To this day, all these below-mentioned British rock bands have produced several talented artists, and their magnificent pieces of work have made remarks. So without any further delay let’s take you through the list. Continue reading. 

1- The Beatles

The Beatles
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The name of this band is very intriguing. It’s the name of an insect. The Beatles got the idea for this name from Buddy Holly and the Crickets. However, this is the only band that has twice knocked itself off the top chart. Furthermore, “Help” was their first-ever album debut at number one. Speaking of their accolades, they have won 15 Ivor Novello awards, 7 Grammy awards, four Brit awards, and an Academy award. Last but not least, their net worth is $400 million. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Let it be 
  • Hey dude
  • Here comes the sun 
  • Don’t let me down

2- Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin
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Led Zeppelin band has 4 members. One handles vocals and harmonica, another handles guitars, and the rest two handles bass, keyboards, drums, and percussions. Furthermore, the genres that the band follows include hard rock, blues rock, folk rock, and heavy metal. 

However, the band has won several accolades such as the International Artist Award, event of the year, film of the Year, reissue of the Year, and Best Rock Album. Talking about their net worth it’s USD 900 million. One of the best British Rock Bands ever.

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Stairway to heaven 
  • Whole lotta love
  • Immigrant song
  • kashmir

3- Radiohead

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The band, Radiohead has a net worth of $45 million. Earlier the band had another name which was not so nice, hence they changed it to Radiohead later. The list of genres the band follows are art rock, alternative rock, electronica, and experimental rock. However, the band comprises 5 members. 

Furthermore, the band has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. Speaking of the band’s accomplishments, they won six Grammy awards, and four Ivor Novello awards following 5 Mercury Prize nominations. Furthermore, in Rolling Stone’s list of 100 artists of all time they listed Radiohead as well. The band members altogether produce a great piece of singles. One handles the lead guitar parts, another beautifully handles the ambient effects, 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Creep 
  • Exit music
  • No surprises 
  • Fake plastic trees
  • High and dry

4- Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd
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Pink Floyd has a net worth of nearly US$800 million. However, the list of genres that the band follows is Rock, Progressive rock, Psychedelic rock, art rock, blues rock, experimental rock, Avant-garde, and a lot more. well, Pink Floyd also played as The Tea Set in their earlier incarnation.

Speaking of their accolades the band has won BAFTA film awards for Best Original Song and Best Sound, ECHO awards, Grammy Award, and Grammy Hall of Fame award. One of the best British Rock Bands ever.

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Another brick in the wall
  • Wish you were here
  • The great gig in the sky
  • Mother 
  • Hey you 

5- The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones
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The popular albums of the band were the rolling stones, some girls, Let It Bleed, and Aftermath. Let me tell you about their net worth, band is now worth over US$1.45 billion, insane! During the 1970s this particular band was among the world’s number 1 British rock bands. To date, the band has made brilliant albums and has given great performances.  

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Paint it back 
  • Satisfaction
  • Sympathy for the devil
  • Angie
  • Miss you

6- The Smiths

The Smiths
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The net worth of this band is US$350-375 million. The genres that the band, The Smiths follows are indie rock, jangle pop, post-punk, and alternative rock. Unfortunately, at present, this band is not active. It was proactive from 1982-1987. Well, as it was one of the best British rock bands ever, this is why they have a place on this list. Following 1984 the band released their album named “The Smith”, it eventually reached at number two position on the UK album charts. 

However, speaking of the accolades of the band,  Several Smiths’ singles reached the top 20 of the UK Singles Chart, as The Smiths brought realism to their romance through their singles. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • There is a light that never goes out
  • Heaven knows I am miserable now 
  • This charming man 
  • Back to the old house

7- Oasis

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The net worth of Oasis is nearly around $70 million. This particular band has worked hard to achieve this milestone in their career. Following the year 1993 they got immense fandom as during that year in May they were spotted by Creation Records co-owner Alan McGee. However, As of 2009, Oasis had sold over 70 million records worldwide. We agree to that The group was controversial, but in retrospect, undeniably great.

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Wonderwall
  • whatever
  • Live forever
  • supersonic

8- The Cure

The Cure
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The particular genres that the band, The Cure follows are gothic rock, post-punk, alternative rock, and new wave. This English rock band creates magic whenever they perform. Well, Robert Smith is the one who has been constant in this group since it was formed, the rest all the members have been replaced with another. Pornography, it was their fourth album that brought them luck and success. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Just like heaven
  • Boys don’t cry 
  • Pictures of you 
  • lovesong

9- The Clash

The Clash
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The clash was formed in 1976. During the 70s and 80s, they were the most iconic rock band of their era. In addition to this, they were also one of the most respected and sampled bands by modern DJs and dance musicians. 

However, speaking of their stage persona, and energy that they create through their music, and last but not least their quirky style of performing songs also adds the cherry on the cake.

Furthermore, The list of popular songs of this band includes 

  • Should I stay or should I go 
  • Rock the casbah
  • London calling 
  • I fought the law 
  • Train in vain

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10- The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses
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To begin with, There are several genres that the band, The Stone Roses follows such as Madchester, alternative rock, indie rock, dance rock, and neo-psychedelia. Furthermore, the band was formed in 1983. In addition to this, the band also has been a part of the Madchester music scene.

The current members of the band are Ian brown, John Squire, mani, and Reni. However, let me tell you some of the interesting facts about this band. Firstly, they were fashion icons, secondly, their 2011 reunion seemed impossible back then last but not least many people from the younger generation got introduced to this band through video games. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • I wanna be adored 
  • This is the one 
  • Waterfall
  • Fools gold
  • Made of stone

11- The Kinks

The Kinks
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To begin with the name of the band, its Early names were The Ravens and The Bo Weevils. The Kinks is based on the word “Kinky,” which they heard on the TV show, The Avengers.

Furthermore, The net worth of this band is nearly around 174 million dollar. This band was formed by someone who did not come along with this band, his name was Davies, brothers. Following the year 1994 – 1996, the band was active for 32 years. During this time the band released over 28 regular albums which were back-to-back hits, and also released 30 others in the USA. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • You really got me 
  • Lola
  • Sunny afternoon 
  • All day and all the night 

12- Queen

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The net worth of this band is nearly around $600 million. The band, Queen undoubtedly has a creative way of songwriting and different and unique instrumental sounds that are hard to guess, hence the band is adored so much by the audience. Furthermore, let me share some interesting facts about this band with you. To begin with, the guitarist of this band was a doctor. Secondly, Freddie Mercury Died of AIDS but kept it a Secret until the End, Freddie was the lead vocalist of the band. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • We will rock you 
  • Another one bites the dust 
  • Bicycle race 
  • Don’t stop me now

13- Blur

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This is one of my personal favorite British rock bands. The band consists of singer Damon Albarn, guitarist Graham Coxon, bassist Alex James, and drummer Dave Rowntree. However, the band was formed in 1988. Furthermore, Blur’s musical style has been described as Britpop indie rock, alternative rock, art pop, art rock, and pop rock. Moreover, The band’s music includes influences from indie rock. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Song 2
  • Girls & boys 
  • Beetlebum 
  • Good song

14- Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

The band, Black Sabbath’s songs keep inspiring and affecting people more often. Furthermore, the members of the band are continuing to achieve success and living the best of their lives. Speaking of the net worth of each band member, Tony Iommi is $170 Million, Geezer Butler $70 Million, Bill Ward $70 million, Ozzy Osbourne is $220 Million, this is it. 

Furthermore, By the end of the 1970s they had sold millions of records and garnered huge popularity, and made a plethora of new fans.  The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Paranoid
  • War pigs
  • Iron man 
  • Psycho man 

15- The Who

The Who

The net worth of The Who is nearly around $300 million. This specific band’s net worth increases every month. However, this is one of the quite popular and influential bands of the 60s and 70s. Furthermore, the band has also won Grammy awards and the Rock and roll hall of Fame and museum. well, the band is continuing to have influence even today. 

In addition to this, the band also made a  Guinness record for the loudest concert. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Won’t get fooled again
  • Pinball Wizard
  • Eminence front 

16- Roxy Music

Roxy Music

The net worth of Roxy Music is nearly around $50 million. However, the band’s songs are full of arch humor, and world-weary romanticism. During the initial days when the band was formed their musical style was influenced by art school backgrounds. However, the band was also influenced by other contemporary artists. However, for their stage presentation, the band always creates a quirky look and style which eventually ends up attracting the audience with ease. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • More than this 
  • Love is the drug 
  • Avalon 
  • Jealous guy 
  • Dance away 

17- T. Rex

T. Rex

The net worth of this band is nearly around $6.13B. Marc Bolan formed this band in 1967. Earlier the band was known by a different name, “Tyrannosaurus Rex”, it was in 1970 that the band changed its name to T.Rex. 

However, T. Rex may have ended as a group but their music lives on, and it all started after Bolan wrapped up his work as a model.

The list of popular songs of this band includes,  

  • Bang a gong 
  • Get it on 
  • Hot love
  • 20th-century boy
  • Cosmic dancer

18- The Jam

The Jam

The Jam was formed in 1990. No doubt that the band was one of the most popular grunge bands of all time, you might be wondering what is grunge. It’s the musical genre that was produced by this band. however, The net worth of the band members is as follows, Eddie Vedder – $100 million, Mike McCready – $70 million, Stone Gossard – $75 million, Jeff Ament – $70 million, Matt Cameron – $70 million. This implies that every member of this group is equally famous. 

Furthermore, Their debut studio album, “Ten”,  sold 13 million in the United States. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • That’s Entertainment
  • A town called malice
  • Going underground
  • The eton rifles

19- Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals
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The net worth of Super Furry Animals is nearly around $1.5 million. The list of genres that the band comprises alternative rock, indie rock, power pop, electronica, Britpop, etc. The band is blessed with amazing artists such as Gruff Rhys (lead vocals, guitar), Huw Bunford (guitar, vocals), Guto Pryce (bass), Cian Ciaran (keyboards, electronics, vocals), and Dafydd Ieuan (drums, vocals). 

A very intriguing fact about this furry band is that on British television, they became regular means they were already recording their music videos, and realizing their own records, by the time they reached their legal voting age. appreciated!

The list of popular songs of this band includes 

  • Juxtaposed with you 
  • Hello sunshine
  • Golden retriever
  • Run away

20- Joy Division

Joy Division

The net worth of Joy Division is $30 million. The list of genres that the band is best at comprises post-punk, gothic rock, and new wave. At present, the band has 3 members. The band has its own way of quirky style. However, They were originally called warsaw, in homage to the David Bowie Song Warszawa. 

Ian Curtis is the singer of this band, Bernard Summer is the guitarist and keyboardist, Peter Hook is the bassist, and Stephen Morris is the drummer. The band also took their time to develop their style. 

The list of popular songs of this band includes, 

  • Love will tear us Apart
  • Disorder
  • Transmission
  • She’s lost control
  • Atmosphere 

Hope you like our list guys! also, you must know about the best Female Rock Bands ever.

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