12 Best Encanto Characters You Need To Know

Best Encanto characters
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Hey readers, in the previous article related to Encanto, we learned what Encanto means. And in today’s article, we will read a little about the leading Encanto Characters. 

There is no doubt that Disney always comes up with enthralling movies. Encanto is one of them. This movie has all those elements which are required to make any movie a superhit. 

Encanto characters are all my favorite. Nevertheless, this article holds the list of the 12 best Encanto characters that you need to know. 

For those who don’t know, Encanto is a family-based magical movie. All the characters in the movie are different from each other and will surely inspire you to become a better person.

For instance, there are several Encanto Characters named Bruno (he inspires you to become a great family member), Mirabel (she inspires you to feel happy and content within yourself), similarly there is Luisa (who inspires you to become strong and handle problems with ease). 

In the same way, there is a list of a Total of 12 Encanto characters who are inspiring and exciting to watch. 

So, without any further delay let’s satisfy your desire to know more about Encanto characters. 

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Encanto: Characters, Ranked By Likability: 

1- Bruno

Bruno Encanto characters
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This is Bruno in the above picture. The reason why Bruno is on top of this list is the devotion of this man to his family is what makes him different and wonderful from the rest of the family members. 

This persona of Bruno easily wins fans over. Let me spot some more light on his character. The focus of the infamous song “we don’t talk about Bruno,” Tio Bruna is perceived as an ill Omen due to his gift. 

His superpower is that he tends to see the negative events, leading both his family and the townsfolk to ostracise him. 

However, one thing that I personally find very disappointing with Encanto, and I can say that it’s not just me who feels this way. One of the best encanto characters ever.

I guess there are other people too who agree on this. The thing which was unsatisfying, it’s that the Madrigals never ever properly apologise to Bruno for their mistreatment. And this was absolutely wrong and disheartening. 

I wish I had a person in my family like Bruno. Do you feel the same?  

2- Mirabel

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This beautiful girl is known for her determination and her courage which saved the family magic. Do you want to know how? Let’s read it. 

Sadly, Mirabel was not blessed with having magical powers like the rest of her family members, nevertheless, she had something more special than that. 

It was her courage and determination for proving her worth to the rest of the people. 

Because of this courage, she always kept her chin up despite crying over not having the magical powers. And this is why I love this character the most. 

Later on, she tracks down her missing uncle Bruno and fixes her relationship with her sister Isabela. 

After some time, the family had an argument where they faced the risk of losing all their magical powers. But guess what? It was through Mirabel that the Madrigals eventually regained their powers and their home. 

Undoubtedly, What a beautiful and brave, and determined girl she is. 

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3- Luisa 

Luisa Encanto characters
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This girl’s personality is the same as it appears in the above picture. Yes! Luisa is the pillar that supports the entire community in Encanto. 

This girl is determined to fulfill her tasks no matter what. Sadly, she was always preoccupied with doing so many things to help people, that she often feel herself under pressure. 

She was so polite and humble that she never blamed anyone for anything. She has this inbuilt habit of not expressing her anger. 

On the other hand, she always feels happy to guide Mirabel by all means. One of the best Encanto characters ever.

Therefore, her overall character makes her special and different from the rest. That is why she is being liked by people like crazy! Indeed, a perfect paragon of how a girl/boy should be. 

4- Antonio

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Antonio’s character is absolutely special. He is the youngest member of the magical family. He shares a special bond with Mirabel. 

Do you know? At the beginning of the movie, it is his turn to receive his gift. 

Despite feeling the pressure of fulfilling the family’s expectations, Antonio confesses that a part of him would prefer to not have a gift at all so that he can remain by Mirabel’s side. 

He is way too cute for his age. His eyes make him more attractive to the audience. 

5- Julieta

Julieta Encanto characters
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Julieta is known for being a wonderful mother to her daughter. She is the wife of Agustin. The lady indeed is a great support system for her daughter. She also has immense love for her husband. Her daughter’s name is Mirabel. 

Whilst Mirabel experiences something familiar from her grandmother, the same thing cannot be said about her mother Julieta. 

Julieta has this special power to heal everyone through the food that she prepares. As Mirabel does not have any magical powers, nevertheless her mother makes sure that she feels as special as others. 

Her persona in the movie gives a straight point of view to all the mothers out there, that they all should support their children. Despite thinking of whether they are talented or not.

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6- Agustin

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He is the husband of Julieta. The way Julieta loves Mirabel, Agustin does the same. He is a great father who understands and respects her daughter’s emotions and feelings. 

He is a great support system to Mirabel. The reason why Agustin understands Mirabel’s position is as he has occasionally felt like an outsider in the family too. 

To let you know, despite being clumsy, he does his utmost to protect his daughter and shield her from Abuela’s emotional abuse. 

He is a paragon of how great a father should be for his children. What do you think of him?

7- Camilo

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Now, this character is very quirky. His name is Camilo. The trait which reflects his character, his Mischief-Making provides Enjoyable light-hearted Moments. 

He is Pepa and Felix’s son. I think we all can agree that any person who possesses a nice sense of humor is easy to connect with. 

Hence, His unpredictable humor provides plenty of enjoyable light-hearted moments to the people around him. 

The good part is he can also be serious when he has to be. One of the best Encanto characters ever.

Not only this, but he is also supportive of his mother when she struggles with her anxiety. What a cool guy, aren’t they? 

I guess this is how anyone should be. What can be greater? His character is also more complex than he seems, as his gift actually makes him struggle with identity issues. 

8- Felix

Felix Encanto characters
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We all know how tough it is to deal with people who have moody issues. Nevertheless let me tell you, the guy in the above picture, Felix, what a great husband he is. Why? 

Because Felix Always Supports His Temperamental Wife. yeah! Pepa’s husband, Felix is as cheerful as she is temperamental. Such a Cool guy. Every husband should take inspiration from him. Why not? 

He supports his wife in everything, providing a much-needed anchor for her turbulent emotions. What a lucky wife! 

Despite this, he seems disapproving when Abuela attempts to control Pepa and constantly enforce perfection. Personally, I am in love with Felix. 

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9- Isabela

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Aah! She is pretty, isn’t she? What great facial features she has. Undoubtedly, I can mention, that she is the epitome of beauty. 

One thing that I want to highlight here, is Isabela Is Nowhere Near As Selfish As She Seems. Yes! Let. Can you tell me why? 

Well, Her lack of empathy for her sister may make her somewhat unlikeable. But she’s willing to marry a man she doesn’t love for her family, so she’s nowhere near as selfish as she seems. Right? 

Albeit, The golden child of the family, Isabela is Mirabel’s eldest sister, seen as perfect by everyone.

As a result, sibling rivalry forms between the two. Mirabel resents Isabela for having a perfect life, but as it turns out, for Isabela, that perfection is a burden.

I find her super cute among all the main characters of Encanto. 

10- Pepa

Pepa Encanto characters
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I guess Pepa’s Inability To Understand Her Brother Detracts From Her Character. Don’t you feel the same? 

Pepa is gifted with the power to control the weather with her emotions, which sounds absolutely freaking to me. 

Changing mood with weather isn’t always a good thing as she can have quite a temper. Her dispute with her brother Bruno is evidence of that. 

However, viewers feel Much of her behavior is influenced by her mother’s perfectionism, and she gets visibly anxious when something goes wrong. 

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11- Abuela

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We all know, that Abuela’s Grief Is Responsible For The Decay Of The Encanto. 

However, The matriarch of the family, Alma Madrigal is the original creator of the Encanto. She values the gifts above the people, and it is her behavior that leads to the decay of the Encanto.

It is her grief at the loss of her husband Pedro that birthed the protection around the settlement, as well as the family magic. 

But that grief is also what sabotages these gifts. Abuela’s trauma makes her so overprotective of the Encanto she puts an incredible amount of pressure on the younger generation.

12- Dolores 

Dolores  Encanto characters
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What if you could have the same superpower as Dolores? She has incredible hearing magical power. 

Mirabel’s sister Dolores is a somewhat unusual presence. Her magical power allows her to detect even the slightest sound. Just crazy! 

Would you believe this superpower makes her privy to all her family’s secrets? Sounds nice to me. 

Nevertheless, this girl is a little stupid I guess because she doesn’t know what to speak and when to speak. Yes, I am saying this because she often creates trouble only because of her super hearing powers. 

When she overhears Mirabel and her father Agustin talking about their uncle Bruno’s vision, she chooses to reveal it at the worst possible moment, during the visit of the Guzman family. How bad it is of her. 

Well, in that case, if you call her a secret villain of the house then that’s not at all wrong. However, viewers already have this same perception about her. 

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