31 Best Lord Of The Rings Creatures You Should Know

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Hello buddies! Are you also excited to know about the Lord of the Rings Creatures? Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular fantasy novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. It became extremely famous when it was adapted into a set of film series. We will consider the best creatures from the fictional world “Middle Earth” in LOTR.

There have been several creatures in the Middle Earth, we will consider the most popular creatures. From fearsome dragons and deadly orcs to humble hobbits and neutral men, you will get to know all about these exciting creatures. These creatures continue to captivate the fans with their unique features and appearances.

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1- Goblins

Lord of the Rings Creatures: Goblins

Goblins are the giant creatures in the Lord of the Rings series. They are cruel, cold-hearted, and sinful beings. Goblins or orcs are one of the strongest antagonists in the film series. They possess sharp teeth, slanted eyes, and pointed ears, making them more fearsome.

2- Ents


Ents are unique tree-like creatures in the Middle Earth Universe. They move slowly but have great strength. If their forests are in danger, they can become fighters. Treebeard and Quickbeam are the most popular tents in the Lord of the Rings.

3- Men

Lord of the Rings Creatures: Men

Men are the mortal character in the Middle Earth universe. The supreme god Illvatar created them. Men of Arda have different cultures according to their geographic location. Some of the most famous men include Aragorn, Denethor, Elendil, and Boromir.

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4- Mumakil


Mumakils or Oliphaunts are huge elephant-like creatures in the Lord of the Rings. These war beasts are associated with the evil lord Sauron. They have blood-lust and arrows can only harm their eyes, not their bodies. Mumakil played a vital role in the battle of Pelennor Fields.

5- Wizards

Lord of the Rings Creatures: Wizards

Wizards are a group of five Maiar spirits. They came to Middle Earth to help Free people from the evil Sauron. These angels appear like old men but have great strength. Each wizard has a particular role to play opposite Sauron.

6- Drúedain


Druedain or Woses are short beings with thick legs, flat noses, and black eyes. They are also allies of the Free Peoples to fight against the Sauron. They belong to Druadan Forest. Druedains are also known as Wild Men of the Woods.

7- Durin’s Bane

Lord of the Rings Creatures: Durin's Bane

Durin’s Bane is a powerful creature in the Lord of the Rings. The dark lord Morgoth created Balrogs. It also appeared as a humanoid with a lion’s head and wings. It is one of the strongest antagonist creatures in the Middle Earth universe.

8- Wyrms


Wyrms appeared in the Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II. They are large serpent-like creatures without legs and wings. Their most striking ability is to breathe fire and go underground easily. Wyrms are also smart beings who can make the right decisions.

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9- Azog the Defiler

Lord of the Rings Creatures: Azog the Defiler

Azog the Defiler is an orc chieftain of the Third Age. He was the leader of the Misty Mountains orcs and led the battles against the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain. He has a muscular body along with several tattoos on it. Moreover, Azog commanded the tribes of Moria.

10- Hobbits


Hobbits are one of the most famous creatures in the Lord of the Rings franchise. They have a unique culture and live in underground homes in the fictional Middle Earth. Hobbits are generally friendly and peaceful creatures. Frodo Baggins and Bilbo Baggins are the most popular hobbies in the series.

11- Scatha The Worm

Lord of the Rings Creatures: Scatha The Worm

Scatha The Worm was a giant creature who lived in the Grey Mountains in the north of Middle Earth. He has sharp teeth, claws and mighty wings. In fact, it is a kind of Long-worm in the series. He stole a lot of treasure from the Dwarves and Men who live in north Wilderland.

12- Shelob


Shelob is an iconic creature from Middle Earth. She is a gigantic spider, the last child of Ungoliant. She was a servant of the evil god Morgoth. Shelob wants to captivate and kill the hobbits. She often paralyzes her victim, traps them in the web, and kills them.

13- Ancalagon The Black

Lord of the Rings: Ancalagon the Black

Ancalagon the Black is one of the most powerful winged creatures from the Lord of the Rings. You know what Ancalagon is the largest dragon on Middle Earth who served the evil Morgoth during the First Age. He is also called “black as jet” with sharp claws and teeth.

14- Gothmog


Dark Lord Morgoth’s Lieutenant “Gothmog” was a ferocious creature in Middle Earth. He was also the High Captain of the Angband. You know what Gothmog also holds the title “Lord of Balrogs”. He looks giant and extremely fearsome.

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15- Elves

Lord of the Rings creatures: Elves

Next up, the fairest creatures of Middle Earth, the Elves. They are the wisest creatures with beautiful appearances. The most interesting fact about them is that their bodies do not age as they are immortal. However, a prolonged injury can affect them to lose interest in life.

16- Glaurung


The Father of Dragons, Glaurung is a fictional creature from the Middle Earth. He played a vital role in various battles during the First Age. His serpentine large body and mighty wings make him a more dangerous and powerful creature.

17- Uruk-Hai

Lord of the Rings Creatures: Uruk-Hai

Here is the hybrid race creature from the Middle Earth universe, Uruk-Hai. These creatures are a cross between Men and Orcs. Therefore, they are more vigorous than normal creatures. Uruk-Hai is one of the most powerful warriors in the Lord of the Rings.

18- Nazgul


Nazgul are a group of creatures in the Lord of the Rings. Dark Lord Sauron gave them nine powerful rings of power when they were men. They are also known as The Nine. Nazguls ride on Fell Beasts. These creatures also reappeared in the Third Age in the Middle Earth.

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19- Olog-Hai

Lord of the Rings Creatures: Olog-Hai

Dark Lord Sauron created the Olog Hai creatures during the Third Age. These are similar to orcs but have more strength, intelligence, and power. They are tough, disciplined, and dedicated creatures. Sauron created them as warriors, particularly for wars.

20- Giants


Giants are popular creatures who live in North Moors and Misty Mountains from the Middle Earth universe. They are mysterious creatures. Giants can cause massive destruction with their strength. They are gigantic in size compared to men.

21- Gollum

Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Gollum or Smeagol is another Middle Earth creature who was once a hobbit. His behavior is unpredictable and weird. He is just three feet tall with pale eyes and clumsy hair. Gollum can eat anything that looks edible or living.

22- Carcharoth


Carcharoth is also popular with the names Anfauglir and Red Maw. He was the guardian of Angband and it became nearly impossible to pass through it without his will. His eyes shine red in the dark and his furs are as black as coal. He can kill everyone who troubles him.

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23- Smaug

Lord of the Rings Creatures: Smaug

Smaug is one of the most villainous creatures from the Lord of the Rings. He is a fire drake of the Third Age. Smaug is a red-golden dragon with a big tail and wings. Even, his resonant voice strikes fear into the hearts of brave warriors. He can also recognize minute sounds and light smells.

24- Ogres


Ogres are associated with the army of the evil lord Sauron. These creatures are bigger in size as compared to the other orcs. However, Ogres first appeared briefly in The Hobbit film trilogy. They completed the mission to destroy the Dwarvish war chariots in the battle.

25- FellBeasts

Lord of the Rings Creatures: FellBeasts

The next one on the list is the flying creature FellBeasts. Fell beasts look like gigantic dragons with serpentine necks and wide wings. They can carry their riders at a high speed across long distances. They are one of the iconic creatures in Middle Earth.

26- Wargs


Wargs are one of the antagonist creatures in The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series. Wargs are bigger, more powerful, and more dangerous than regular wolves. Orcs and Mordor used them as mounts. They can communicate with each other over long distances.

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27- Dwarves

Lord of the Rings creatures: Dwarves

Dwarves are also one of the famous creatures of the Middle Earth universe. Their other popular names are Casari and Naugrim. They are best known for their mining and craftsmanship skills, they can make jewelry, weapons, and armor. They have different clans with different cultures.

28- Trolls


Trolls are giant creatures who are powerful but dim-witted. They are fearless and love raw meat. They can easily heal their wounds and are famous for serving the dark lords of Middle Earth. Some of them turn into stone in the sunlight.

29- Great Eagles

Lord of the Rings creatures: Great Eagles

God-like beings Valar created the intelligent bird “Great Eagles”. They are always ready to help Free People whenever in need. They have played a significant role in the Lord of the Rings series. Great Eagles have their own language to communicate with each other.

30- Dragons


Dragons are large, powerful, and smart creatures. They possess a lust for treasure. They have lived throughout the First, Second, and Third Ages. Morgoth first created them in the First Age. After the death of Smaug, the dragons become exterminated.

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31- The Ungoliant

Lord of the Rings Creatures: The Ungoliant

Here is the gigantic spider, The Ungoliant. She is one of the most prominent spiders of Arda. She was once an ally of Melkor. Actually, she was a spirit who took a form of a giant spider. Ungoliant assisted Morgoth in his efforts to destroy the Two Trees of Valinor.

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