Best Social Media Platforms To Promote A Small Business

best Social Media Platforms

Here we go guys, In this article, we will be looking for the best social media platforms to promote a small business. Nowadays, the easiest way to promote businesses is by using social media platforms. Although it does a great job advertising big corporations and international brands, it does a greater job promoting small to medium businesses. Lately, small business owners have taken over social media, posting daily about their work and interacting actively with their followers.

Online followers are becoming increasingly interested in the content published by small businesses because it’s more realistic and mostly posted by business owners or their family members. Authenticity and straightforwardness set SMEs’ content apart on social media platforms.

Social media platforms provide businesses with the channels to reach their target audience, build a strong connection with current and potential clients, and increase customer retention over time.

This article will discuss what social media platforms are best for promoting a small business.

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TikTok first exploded in popularity in 2020. Due to the pandemic, people were forced to stay home, and boredom drove them to start recording themselves doing all sorts of things—everyday activities, talents, challenges, pranks, crafts, or anything that could come to mind. People noticed how big the platform was getting and the fact that it was possible to make money by the number of views which increased their dedication to it. 

Since people were spending all their time indoors, mostly on their phones, probably watching TikTok, it was an awesome idea to start using it for business promotion. Business owners began posting about the work process, fun facts about the business, and how it started; they even sometimes got personal in their stories, making people love and support them even more. 

TikTok did not only help promote small businesses that already existed and increase their followers and customers; it also was why many businesses started. Many people who got TikTok famous later started a business doing something related to the content they used to publish on the platform. For example, someone who used to do ASMR TikTok videos playing with slime later started a business manufacturing different sorts of slime for people to buy.

Starting a business isn’t as complicated as it used to be in the past. Nowadays, online tools offer everything you need to launch. You can build a complete brand identity or even use a free logo maker online to design a creative logo for your business. 


Unlike TikTok, which gained fame as a platform for having fun, dancing, and wasting time, LinkedIn was business-oriented from the start. LinkedIn is considered to be the number one business-oriented form of social media. It is a brilliant way to connect with other professionals and businesses. And while TikTok is relatively new, LinkedIn is relatively old (it was founded nearly 20 years ago). 

This platform is the best for business-to-business entrepreneurs, forming connections, and finding employees. It relies less on media content used heavily on other platforms and more on text-based content. 

LinkedIn is the wiser choice for business targeting other businesses. So, if the services offered are business-to-business, promoting them on LinkedIn is great because the platform’s primary purpose is business connections. 

Instagram and Facebook

The two platforms fall into the same category because they are similar in concept despite their differences. Those two platforms are good for promoting small businesses; the difference relies on the targeted audience. 

Facebook does great for older generations, foreign markets, and small niche markets. If the business’ targeted audience is one of these three categories, then Facebook is most definitely the best platform to use. This platform’s reach is so wide that a business can do great with a Facebook page without a website. 

Instagram does great for younger generations, millennials, and women. It is found that women are much more active on Instagram than men, so if the business targets them or people under 25, Instagram is the best channel. 

What is special about Instagram is that it relies on pictures. Doing good on this platform is related to having high-quality images, videos, and aesthetically pleasing content. It may not be easy to achieve, but it is worth it.

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To Conclude 

Nowadays, using social media to promote a business is essential, especially if it is small or new. Knowing which platform to use relies completely on the kind of business being advertised, the targeted audience, and the planned promotional activities. 

Social media is a great way to promote as long as the business owner prioritizes which platform is best to use. So, do the required research before deciding which to use.

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