10 Best Tattoo Artists In India

Want to get inked from the best tattoo artists of India? Discover all the amazing places for unique designs and make your dream tattoo come alive.

Here we go guys, In this article, we are presenting you the Best Tattoo Artists In India. The art of tattooing has been a practice since the beginning of time even before civilization took place. Getting inked is the most happening millennial trend and is full of surprises and fascinating finds for anyone on the lookout for products outside mainstream shopping circles. Tattoos are not only a medium of expression but are a symbol of the freedom and liberation people experience in their life. Johnny Depp once claimed, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.

If you love tattoos and wish to get inked, we are delighted to present you with the top 10 best tattoo artists of India. In the meantime, Girls also want unique tattoo designs, & tattoo designs for girls are usually personal and come with a strong internal message for many people.

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10 Best Tattoo Artists In India

1 – Lokesh Verma

Delhi’s renowned tattoo artist and a record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records, Lokesh Verma is the first Asian to address at the very first University of Tattooing and Fine Arts “Academie Tier Polo, Italy”.Owner of Devilz Tattooz, India, Lokesh specializes in colored realism and portraits style of tattooing.

2 – Eric D’Souza

Credited as having developed a range of bespoke tattoo art and techniques, Eric D’ Souza is India’s first International Award-winning Tattoo Artist who has also been featured by Google, Skoda, and GQ India for his varied expertise in Art and lifestyle.

He founded his studio in 2013 by the name of Iron Buzz in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Iron Buzz is constantly evolving within the industry by learning new methods, and ideologies which is why they are one of the top-rated tattoo galleries in India. One of the Best Tattoo Artists In India.

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3 – Zaheer Chhatriwala

Trained under the Kraayonz tattoo studio, Zaheer Chhatriwala creates his own style of abstract and geometric tattoos. Owner of Studio Z, Mumbai, Zaheer being a creative and visionary tattoo artist designs free-handed tattoo’s dominated by the major art form and world culture.

4 – Sameer Patange

The Youngest Tattoo Artist of his time and approached by the Lima Book of Records, Sameer Patange runs a chain of tattoo studios under the brand name Kraayonz Studios in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune. He specializes in photo-realistic imagery and is a master of coverups. He loves to work on anything and everything with unique specialization for every client.

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5 – Duncan Viegas

Owner of Inkfidel Tattoo in Goa, Duncan extensively specializes in the new school, geometric, watercolour, illustrative, and realism styles of tattoos. Affection for craftsmanship combined with sheer diligent work has put him in a flexible style of illustration where he focuses more on intricate detailing. One of the Best Tattoo Artists In India.

6 – Mykel Kumar

Artistic and skilled are the words that pertinently describe this young and enthusiastic tattoo artist, Mykel Kumar. The best place in Bangalore could be Mykel’s studio, ‘The Pumpkin Patch’. What he imagines is a wonder and what he inks is a marvel. With a fine blend of raw, and sketchy lines he can create any design with his tattoo-gun that is both illustrative and realistic. 

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7 – Niloy Das

Featured by the German tattoo machinery giant ‘Cheyenne’ and owner and tattooist at Lizard’s Skin Tattoos, Niloy Das is the finest in Kolkata. Intrigued by the game of light and shadows, Niloy has a wide range of craftsmanship with a shot at conceptual realistic tattoos. With a hint of personal touch and fusion of sorts, he makes his designs unique for every client.

8 – Alex Shimray

The man who paints a masterpiece on the human canvas and is titled as India’s Best Colour Tattoo Artist has tattooed many Indian celebrities, and international football players. He dominated the space with extremely beautiful and intricate artwork where each design has a story to tell. Alex is the owner of Delviz Tattoo in New Delhi and experiences the fantasy of doing what he adores. One of the Best Tattoo Artists In India.

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9 – Sunny Bhanusali

The world-famous tattoo artist, known for his photo-realistic tattoos at Alien Tattoo School, Mumbai has evolved from basic sketcher to professional charcoal painter to mastering digital art. Most of his designs are dominated by Hindu Mythology fused with realism and abstract concepts.

10 – Manjeet Singh

A proud Guinness World Record holder, honored with Best Portrait in India’s 2nd International tattoo convention specializes in designs inspired by the Sikh religion. Being a Delhi-based tattoo artist he founded Manjeet Tattooz in the year 2007 and ensures a class of art expressive tattoos that will adorn your body forever.

These creative ideas and artistic minds are surely going to lure you into getting your very first or next tattoo. And once you’ve made up your mind, you definitely know where to go! 

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