Top 10 Catchy Hooks In Indian Hip-Hop

Catchy Hip Hop Hooks
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In this article, we are presenting you the Top 10 Catchy Hooks In Indian Hip-Hop. A catchy hook or the chorus is what makes a song go viral and makes people remember it easily. Hooks are the key elements of a song. People remember it not only because is repeated over and over again, but also because it gives them a melodic break from the rest of the song and even the music at that part is more than the rest of the track. That’s what makes people vibe to it and dance on it! Especially in rap songs, a hook is very important to give the listeners a break from those hard or fast lyrics.

For example, commercial rap music has one of the greatest hooks. Badshah and Emiway sure know how to make a great hook in commercial rap even if they are not lyrical rappers. Meanwhile, rappers like Raftaar, Karma, Dhruv Sthetics (Shaitan) have made amazing tracks with catchy hooks.

In this list, we mention 10 songs with catchy hooks. We have not repeated any artist on this list so that every artist can be appreciated. Many of your favorite songs might not be here but don’t worry as this list will get updated on a regular basis.

This is not ranked on the basis of quality as all of the songs on this list are mind-blowing. Instead, they are ranked on the basis of their views as that reflects how much people love it and how catchy it is! So, let’s check it out!

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This is the only lyrical hip-hop track to ever cross over 219 Million views on YouTube. The movie Gully Boy was a huge push to underground hip-hop. Underground hip-hop had a long journey to become a successful genre in India but this movie made the distance shorter. And now we have underground Hip-hop on TV and a reality show dedicated to Hip-hop. About this song, the lyrics were written by Divine and we all know how good of a lyricist he is! It was performed by the actor Ranveer Singh with utmost perfection.

Apna Time Aayega | Gully Boy | Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt | DIVINE | Dub Sharma | Zoya Akhtar

And you know how good the hip-hop catchy hooks are! When this song came out, almost every person had it on the tip of their tongue. People were vibing to it and it became a huge hit. The hook line ” Apna time aayega ” became quotable. It became the key element here because of the easy words and slangs Divine used in it so that people can relate to it easily! We don’t think there is anybody left in India who hasn’t heard this song and no matter how many times you hear it, you can still vibe to it.

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Sacred Games is a revolutionary web series for Indian Web show content and at the same time, Divine has been a revolutionary artist for the Indian HopHop scene! And the hook of this song was on everyone’s tongue. Kaam 25 became a trend within sacred games. A good hook always becomes a quote or slang and this was no different.

This song has over 46 Million views and half a mil likes. The theme of this song was gangster rap as the show was based on gangster culture. Divine talks about social issues in this track and especially about the culture of Mumbai City showing how the ghetto and rich life differentiate. The beat was produced by Phenom and it was the key factor of this track.

Kaam 25: DIVINE | Sacred Games | Netflix

Many people don’t focus on the beat but the beat and music do have a subconscious effect on their brains. It’s the music and beat which sets the vibe and makes the rap sound even better. Phenom did a great job with this Old School underground gangster vibe beat. It makes the song more catchy and if somehow you have missed this song then we highly recommend this to you! One of the best Catchy Hip Hop Hooks track ever.

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This song falls in the catchy hook category because the hook was taken from Emiway’s old song “Aur Bantai” which went viral. Let’s talk about the song first, the song was a tribute to Eminem and how Emiway was inspired by him. It was a really good tribute and Emiway used the “Lose Yourself” beat of Eminem which really hit the right spot! Emiway talked about how in his hard times the Eminem’s songs helped him. And he is everything because of his hard work and the motivation he got from Eminem’s story.


If we talk about the origin of this hook then we have to go almost half a decade in the past. Emiway had a song named “Aur Bantai” and it went viral as it was catchy and the Mumbai audience loves slang. Emiway even performed it on India’s Got Talent and gained more popularity. Even now, people replay this song for fun as it is a hit!

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A song that still matches the international vibe even after six years of its release! The chill vibe of this song and the amazing vocals by Diljit Dosanjh complimented Badshah’s rap perfectly. This was released by Sony Music India Vevo and it has 38 Million views currently. Even if commercial songs are hated these days but this song is still loved by millions of people. The music was done by Badshah and Sach and they produced an international piece of art when rap was not a big thing in India.

Proper Patola - Diljit Dosanjh | Badshah | Official Video ft. Badshah

The video production quality of this song is also top-notch and many of you can still vibe to this. So check it out and enjoy! One of the best Catchy Hip Hop Hooks track ever.

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Two boys from the slums became the voice of the streets with this song. Most of the people have heard this song in the movie Gully Boy but the original song was made way before the movie. This song was released five years ago by Sony Music India. The budget for this video was just 50 thousand Rupees. Currently, it has 30 million views and has changed the whole Mumbai HipHop scene! Divine and Naezy were independently growing at a uniform pace before collaborating on this song and this song took their growth to the next level

Mere Gully Mein - DIVINE feat. Naezy | Official Music Video With Subtitles

Even before being a part of the movie, people were going crazy with this song but it was only popular in Mumbai at that time. Post Gully Boy, almost every person in India knows about this song. So, check out this raw version of “Mere Gully Mein” by Divine and Naezy. One of the best Catchy Hip Hop Hooks track ever.

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If you have followed MTV Hustle then you would know about King Rocco. This guy is killing the charts with his hits. Even after losing the show, he won the real Hustle. King has mastered the art of making hits and his songs are a great support to the brokenhearted [There is one more artist in this list who has mastered the art of melodic hip-hop and his songs are also great support for people with broken hearts. Can you guess who it is? Read on for the answer]. This particular song by King really blew up and now has 5.8+ million views. The quality of this song is just great and despite the fact that King combines Punjabi and Hindi, it is still easily understandable.

King - No Loss (Official Video) | Section8 | New Life | Latest Punjabi Hit Songs 2020

The best thing about the chorus is that not only does King make it easy to understand but they are really melodic. The lyrics are simple and anyone can relate to them. If you haven’t checked it out then you should!

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The first song of Raftaar’s latest album, Mr. Nair, is the epitome of how an artist should start their album! This song is a collaboration of Raftaar and Shah Rule. You can even say that this is a collaboration of Raftaar and Gully Gang since Shah Rule is a part of Gully Gang and this song shows how united the HipHop scene of India is! The chorus of this song is just mind-blowing and there is a fun fact about this chorus too! In a live stream, Raftaar said that the last English part of this song by Shah Rule was going to be the hook. But Raftaar asked him to write in Hindi and he was pleasantly surprised with what Shah Rule made!

Me and My Pen - Raftaar Ft. Shah Rule | Mr. Nair

Raftaar has been a pioneer of Indian underground rap and he has mastered almost all aspects of this genre. This album is filled with great songs with even greater hooks! We highly recommend listening to the whole album.

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DNH Gang now known as Kalamkaar made this banger! This track was released by Kalamkar but later another version with Raftaar in it was released by Sony Music India. This track has 5 artists Karma, Harjas, Kidshot, Kr$na, and Deep Kalsi. Kalamkaar has been producing great songs for a few years now and their artists are trending nowadays. Kalamkaar is an Indie Label started by Raftaar and Ankit Khanna and this track was the final song of a series started by Kalamkaar known as Mic Check. There are two versions of this song because Kid shot left Kalamkaar and Raftaar used his own verse to fill up the place.

Deep Kalsi, Karma, Harjas, Kidshot & Kr$na - Warm Up | Mic Check-Season 1 | Episode 10 | AK Projekts

Deep Kalsi is the special element in this song and in the. Deep Kalsi produces music, writes, and sings as well. The hook of this song was made by Deep Kalsi and that hook took this track from an underground HipHop song to a party banger! His hooks are always great, even in his latest EP “No Days Off” he just nails every song with his skills. One of the best Catchy Hip Hop Hooks track ever.

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Yes, that’s the title of the song but the irony of this song is that “Ye gaana hit bhi ni hoga , na hai Catchy hook” is the actual hook of this song and it is just genius. Karma nailed this song with his skills and the concept he chose. If you have listened to Karma before, you would know that he always has a unique topic and style. The concept of this song was based on plagiarism and Karma purposely plagiarized whatever he could. The flow of this hook matches Eminem’s hook of Slim Shady and the whole video contains shots of different videos of Eminem and other artists.


This video is full of Easter Eggs and is a treat to watch! And the hook is obviously catchy, even if Karma says otherwise. You will get a reference to Homicide, Rap God, and many Eminem songs in this track, so you must check it out!!

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Last but not least, this song by Dhruv Sthetick previously known as Shaitan is just great. This song might have the best hook out of all in this list. If you read this blog properly then you would know that we hinted about an artist who mastered melodic HipHop. Well, Dhruv Sthetick is that artist! This guy knows how to make great hooks and blend rap with melodic vocals. This particular track is from his EP “Khayal” and the whole EP is a masterpiece. This song only has 300K views while it deserves over a million. Everything in this song, from music to cover art was done by Dhruv himself and that shows how talented this artist is!

Tu Nasha (Official Audio) - Dhruv Sthetick (Shaitan) | KHAYAAL | Latest Hindi Rap Song 2020

Artists like these need to be supported a lot as they are not repeating any style but creating their own. Dhruv brought this Chill Hop and melodic genre into the limelight and he still got a long way to go. So, check him out and support his work!

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The list ends here and each artist is great in their way! This list will be updated regularly and we will bring more catchy hooks and fresh songs for you to enjoy. The underrated artists like Dhruv Sthetick and King need more recognition for the genre they brought so do listen to them, support them and stay tuned for more from us!

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