10 Pretty Selena Gomez No Makeup Photos Will Steal Your Heart

Selena Gomez no makeup
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In the marvelous article, we are presenting you the 10 pretty Selena Gomez no makeup photos that will definitely steal your heart. She is known as a pop artist, She possesses a mezzo-soprano vocal range, her songs are influenced by dance-pop and EDM.

Everyones aware of the pop star. The American singer, Selena is very popular around the globe and not just for her songs but also for her beauty. The cute baby face and her youthfulness make her different from other stars. But has anyone witnessed her without makeup? Do you want to see some unfiltered and raw picture of hers? So here we go!

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10 pretty Selena Gomez no makeup photos will steal your heart

1 – Caught In Public

Selena Gomez no makeup
Selena Eating a LOLLIPOP

This picture was taken when she was out in public spending some time with her friends. Like any normal person, Selena spends her leisure time going on around and enjoying her space. As we can see she does not wear any makeup in the picture and she looks very raw and beautiful. Though unfiltered in the picture isn’t she cute. What do you guys think?

2 – Photoshoots With No Makeup


Selena is so beautiful and charming that she even did a photoshoot with no makeup. She photographed herself in a spaghetti-strapped dress with a white umbrella and to be precise she looked so natural and magnificent. She also proved that a smile is the best makeup a person can wear. Selena Gomez always looks gorgeous with no makeup.

3 – Fresh Face

Selena Gomez no makeup
Flaunting on social media

This is one of the hottest looking pictures of Selena Gomez without makeup. She looks so gracious and pretty that no one can take their eyes off her. With her beautiful eyes, shiny black hair, and her crystal clear skin we can just dream to have it in real life. Looks like she really does take care of her skin too much for that glow.

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4 – Snack Time

Selena eating snacks and caught by the PAPARAZZI

Here is another real-life picture of Selena, no makeup caught on camera. Well, given her popularity, the paparazzi doesn’t seem to spare her from public attention at all. She is having a gaga time having some street-side snacks in a casual outfit. With loose hair and a few chubby cheeks, this picture is clicked earlier a few years back.

5 – Swim Time With Friends

Selena Gomez no makeup
enjoying with frends

Just like any normal person, Selena loves to spend time with her friends. So here is an image of her and her close friends swimming in the pool taking a selfie-and enjoying their time. Even in the pool, she is seen to be so beautiful and stunning. All that can be seen is a bit of mascara on the bare face. Yet she is so cute.

6 – The Happy Face

Selfie is must

Selena loves to take pictures of herself and this is one of those pictures she took herself without makeup but still, she looks so cheerful and her glowing eyes. OMG!!!! That why it comes in the best 10 lists on Selena Gomez no makeup.

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7 – Vacation Time

Vacation with freinds

Selena loves to travel and in her leisure time, she keeps taking holiday and breaks amidst her busy life. In this picture, we can see Selena and her friends enjoying their vacation making memories of taking pictures and Selena’s spotted wearing just white beachwear and she looks so stunning.

8 – A Cultural Array

Selena Gomez no makeup
Posing while in nepal

This picture was taken when Selena went to Nepal where she is seen wearing a Tharu dress. She is seen posing with the local women of the area with the ornaments and attire. This picture proves how much Selena loves and respects other cultures and won’t mind experimenting without hesitation.

9 – Caught At Airport 

Photo took while she was at airport

Someone captured Selena without any makeup on her face at the airport in the picture above, as she has a trolley bag in her right hand and a handbag on her left. She has let her hair open and is wearing a pair of casual trousers and a black top, which can be seen because the jacket over that is covering her arms but is open from the middle.

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10 – The Spectacle Look

Sleepy head

This picture above is Selena on a winter day, taking a selfie while resting, and isn’t she adorable even in spectacles.

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