11 Popular Titans In Attack on Titan You Should Know

Titans in Attack on Titan
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Hello buddies! How are you doing? In today’s post, we will consider the Titans from Attack on Titan series. The story of the widely popular anime and manga series “Attack on Titan,” created by Hajime Isayama. It takes place in a world continuously under attack by enormous Titans. These terrifying creatures act as the story’s powerful opponents, defining humanity’s battle for survival inside enormous walls. In the series, they are a profound mystery, both in terms of their origins and their unrelenting quest to consume humanity.

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Moreover, Titans have been terrorizing humanity for more than a century, forcing them to hide behind the three enormous concentric walls known as Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sheena. It is unknown where they came from, and people continue to wonder about and fear them. As the narrative progresses, it becomes more and more obvious that they represent more than just physical foes; they stand for weakness, dread, and the very core of the human condition.

They stand in for the unknowable dangers in our environment and the figurative barriers we build to protect ourselves from them. Without any further discussion, let’s explore the list of Titans in the popular series “Attack on Titan”. Here we go.

1- Beast Titan

Titans in Attack on Titan: Beast Titan

The Beast Titan has a striking and distinctive appearance. It has a stooped stance and is taller than typical Titans, giving it a simian aspect. Its physical attributes stand in stark contrast to the more human-like forms of the other Titans in the series. It is adept at hurling sizable objects, like rocks or boulders, over substantial distances with remarkable precision.

The Beast Titan is unique among the Titans due to its capacity for speech and planning. It demonstrates intelligence in contrast to the mindless, illogical character of other Titans. As with the other Nine Titans in “Attack on Titan,” the Beast Titan comes from a line of inheritors. These inheritors transmit their qualities and prowess to succeeding generations.

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2- Armored Titan


The Armored Titan has a distinct and imposing look, earning its name from the tough, plated armor that covers most of its body. This armor acts as a protective shell, making the Titan highly resistant to typical attacks. Its armored exterior makes it one of the sturdiest Titans in the series. It represents the constant perils that humanity must face and the tough decisions that must be taken when confronted with those dangers.

However, The Armored Titan is one of the Nine Titans, and the person who inherits it is eventually revealed to be Reiner Braun. Reiner is a central character in the series and plays a crucial role in the overall narrative. It could employ a crystal-like hardening process around its body, to some degree.

3- Jaw Titan

Jaw Titan

The Jaw Titan, as its name suggests, possessed remarkable biting and crushing strength in its jaws and claws. These abilities could be used with devastating effectiveness against Titans and man-made structures. It also has heightened sensory perception, which enhances its ability to detect and understand its surroundings more effectively.

It is smaller in size compared to some of the other Titans. It’s recognized for its sharp, elongated jaw packed with razor-sharp teeth. The force of its jaws was demonstrated by its ability to chew through the hardened Titan armor created by Eren Yeager, as well as the crystal shell surrounding the War Hammer Titan.

4- Cart Titan

Titans in Attack on Titan: Cart

The next one is the Cart Titan. It is among the Nine Titans of the series also popular with the name Quadrupedal Titan. It has a unique appearance as it walks on four limbs. The Cart Titan’s most distinctive feature is the cart structure attached to its back. This cart serves as a means for transporting supplies, weapons, and equipment.

Although it appears as a four-legged Titan, the Cart Titan surprisingly demonstrates remarkable speed and agility. It can swiftly move and traverse different types of terrain with ease. Its distinct capabilities have proven to be of great value in a range of missions and battles.

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5- Founding Titan

Founding Titan

The Founding Titan possesses an extraordinary ability to control other Titans. It can influence their actions, give them commands, and even render them inactive. This power enables the inheritor of the Founding Titan to have dominion over the mindless Titans wandering the world.

Additionally, the Founding Titan holds the power to generate new Titans or transform existing Titans back into their human state. This ability is closely associated with the control and manipulation of the Eldian people. As the story progresses, the importance of the Founding Titan’s abilities becomes more and more evident.

6- Attack Titan


Attack Titan has the usual appearance of a colossal humanoid being. It stands upright and displays characteristic features like exposed muscles, a fearsome countenance, and sharp teeth. However, the true strength of the Attack Titan lies in its distinct abilities. It can swiftly adapt to new challenges, rendering it a versatile and formidable asset in battles.

Moreover, when Eren Yeager inherits the Attack Titan, he demonstrates a special ability that enables him to tap into the Founding Titan’s Coordinate power. Similar to other Titans, the Attack Titan has a regenerative capability that enables it to rapidly recover from injuries. This regenerative power makes it challenging to disable in combat.

7- Pure Titan


Pure Titans lacks intelligence and self-awareness. They operate solely on instinct and have no ability to control their behaviors. Consequently, their main driving force is the instinctual urge to consume human flesh, which makes them a grave danger to humanity. They come in a range of sizes and forms. Some are relatively small, while others are colossal.

The series delves into the idea of individuals being transformed into Pure Titans of their own intention. It is known as Titanization and is employed as a method of punishment. Those subjected to Titanization lose their human identity, consciousness, and intelligence, turning into thoughtless Pure Titans.

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8- Female Titan

Female Titan

The Female Titan has a notably more human-like appearance compared to the mindless, monstrous Titans. As its name implies, it takes on a feminine form with a slimmer and more shapely physique. The inheritor of the Female Titan possesses the capability to control their transformation, enabling them to selectively transform specific parts of their body.

Its defining characteristics encompass a sharp, angular facial structure and prominent female attributes. However, it’s crucial to note that the Female Titan’s strength resides in its special abilities rather than its physical appearance. It has enhanced sensory perception, including sharp hearing and keen vision.

9- Abnormal Titan

Titans in Attack on Titan: Abnormal

Abnormal Titans exhibit behavior that exceeds the usual actions of ordinary, thoughtless Titans. They may display unexpected traits like curiosity, agility, or even resistance to their inherent drive to consume human flesh. The exact causes of their unusual behavior are not always evident in the series, and they can differ from one Abnormal Titan to another.

Furthermore, certain Abnormal Titans exhibit greater agility and can perform more intricate movements than typical Titans. They possess the ability to run, jump, or climb with enhanced skill and coordination, rendering them more formidable adversaries.

10- War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan’s appearance is both formidable and unique. It stands tall with a slender and graceful physique in contrast to most other Titans. Notable features include a spiked helmet, an elongated, spear-like projection extending from its form, and a set of crystalline armor that envelops it. This armor offers exceptional protection and resilience.

The most extraordinary capability of the War Hammer Titan is its power to create and control structures and weapons through hardening abilities. It can produce an array of weapons, including spears and shields, from the ground and employ them in battle. It can deploy its crystalline weaponry at a substantial distance, granting a notable advantage in long-range combat.

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11- Colossus Titan

Colossus Titan

The Colossus Titan is the most massive among the Nine Titans, towering over all other Titans at a height of approximately 60 meters. It possesses an enormous, skeletal body with visible muscles. Its striking absence of skin sets it apart, which unveils its bone structure and musculature. This skinless, colossal appearance makes it a terrifying and imposing figure on the battlefield.

Moreover, its most iconic ability is its capability to emit vast quantities of searing steam. By evaporating its bodily fluids, this Titan can generate a dense, scalding cloud that envelops its area. Due to its colossal size and weight, the Colossus Titan becomes a highly destructive force when it descends or lands on structures or foes.

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