Top 5 Music Production Apps Available on Android/IOS

music production apps

Every music lover at some point has thought about creating music. While some don’t try it due to their lack of creative ability, a lot of people cannot try it due to the lack of useful instruments and a proper studio. There was a point in time where music-making used to be extremely expensive but now, thanks to tech advancements, we can just download music production apps and get right to it.

While some music production apps can be outrageously expensive, we do have a ton of options for free apps now. There is a common misconception that using free apps could mean compromising on quality but that is far from the truth. Below is a list of the Top 5 Free Music Production Apps that are top quality and will not put a strain on your pocket

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1. Band Lab (Android/IOS)

One of the best things about Band Lab is the network it allows you to be a part of. You can share your music and collaborate with other people. It mixes music making with social interaction.

The app gives you a 12 track mixing editor. This allows you to record live audio, import tracks and do anything you can to make the best track possible. It also has the option of recording loops to layer your track with different beats. For that purpose, this app has more than a 100 presets to choose from and you can also customize your loops.

Now, what’s the point in having all these amazing features if you have less storage space? Fortunately, Band Lab has an unlimited storage feature so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space on your phone. It is the best place to start your musical journey!


2. Groove Pad (IOS/Android)

Your hunt for music production apps that are easy and don’t make your head spin can finally end. Groove Pad takes away all the confusion from the complicated process of recording vocals and playing instruments. This app focuses on the enjoyable process of mixing, matching beats and adding pre installed loops.

Groove pad has a very massive library with many styles to choose from such as Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM and many more. Each category has multiple sub categories and they are all equipped with unique and engaging loops, beats and noises. They are all pre synced and just ready to be used for your next big hit!

This music production app is very easy to use and makes music making less tedious than it usually is. The best part is that Groove Pad is constantly updating with new features and pads, so sky is the limit when it comes to producing music on this app!


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3. Music Maker Jam (Android/IOS)

Music Maker Jam is the perfect app if you are into Hip-Hop, R&B or any other beat based music. It has a very friendly user interface and lot of features like 300+ sound packs and over 500K+ loops to use for your tracks. You can also record vocals on this app and remix them with just the push of a few buttons. Everything on this app is studio quality, making your music making session smooth and clean.

This app also gives you the chance to be part of a community that consists of music enthusiasts around the world. Its regular updates and interactive platform definitely contribute in making this a top choice for music production.


4. Caustic 3 (Android)

This one is slightly different than most music production apps. Caustic 3 is a mix of synthesizers and samplers that you can use for your next track. You can create entire songs or just beats and patterns using pre existing samples or you can load samples of your own as well.

Although having a little bit of experience with music production apps can be helpful, it is fairly easy to use. The app has a piano roll style sequencer where you can make patterns and add notes.

Unlike most music production apps, this one does not have a feature to support audio recording but has a wide range of synths to choose from. Caustic 3 leaves you spoilt for choice.


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5. Garage band (IOS)

Finally, the most talked about app in the world of music production apps. Garage band has been the go to software for music producers for a long time and now it has established itself in every IOS device.

The app allows you to not just record music with pre-recorded loops but also record with real instruments. On the surface it looks basic and somewhat mediocre compared to other music production apps but it is quite complex. This app comes with a lot of extensive plug ins and a very easy user interface.

There is a lot more than what meets the eye with the Garage band app. There is a lot to discover once you get the hang of it. Garage band provides you with a lot of options to explore and the fact that it is easy to use makes it the best choice for beginners.


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