The Chainsmokers uploaded the video, in this video they shows us Behind the scene of the song “P.S. I Hope You Are Happy” with Blink 182. This is 1st part they uploaded the another part will come soon. We can see that how hard does an artist work behind their song. Hope you like this video.

When They were making the song “P. S. I Hope You Are Happy” they followed that steps. Learn How To Make a Chords with The Chainsmokers :-

Step 1 :- Find The Right Chords
Step 2 :- Invite Emily Warren Help Write Song
Step 3 :- Add Some Production
Step 4 :- Make Some Killer Dance Moves
Step 5 :- Add Some Guitar
Step 6 :- Invite Travis Barker To Play Live Drum
Step 7 :- Eat Delicious Poke
Step 8 :- Invite Mark Hoppus And Matt Skiba Of Blink 182 To Collaborate On Song
Step 9 :- Enjoy Your Song Now

Here is the video, Behind the scene of the Song “P. S. I Hope You Are Happy” Part 1 by The Chainsmokers and Blink 182. Must share this video with your friends. Get The Original song “P.S. I Hope You Are Happy” by clicking Here :- Click here

The Chainsmokers are an American DJ and production duo consisting of Alexander “Alex” Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart. They started out by releasing remixes of songs by indie artists. The EDM-pop duo achieved a breakthrough with their 2014 song “#Selfie”, which became a top twenty single in several countries.

Blink-182 is an American rock band formed in Poway, California in 1992. Since 2015, the lineup of the band has consisted of bass guitarist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, drummer Travis Barker, and guitarist and vocalist Matt Skiba.



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