Björk Returns With New Music Video Song, “Ancestress” – Watch Here

Ancestress björk
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Icelandic singer & composer, Björk has returned with new music video song named “Ancestress.” Watch the full music video song below.

Her track marks a tribute to her late mother, comes with a video depicting a ritual funeral. It was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, with co-creative direction by Björk and James Merry.

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Björk wrote on Instagram, “For 20 years I have not been able to attend funerals as something about them rubbed me the wrong way.” In a new interview with Pitchfork, she elaborated, “I would help organize the musicians and the set list, but I couldn’t go inside the church [for family members’ funerals]. I would just get so mad.

“I’m an atheist, so it was like, ‘Wait a minute. There’s a priest here who has never met the person who passed away?’ It’s like having an MC rapping raps that he didn’t write.” Of “Ancestress,” she added, “If I was a priest, it’s what I would’ve said at the funeral.”

This track marks the third track from her upcoming album, Fossora, following the runway-ready visual for “Ovule” and lead single “Atopos” and its mushroom-rave music video.

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Björk Returns With New Music Video Song, “Ancestress” – Watch Here

björk : ancestress

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