BTS’ RM Reveals Second Solo Album ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’ – Listen Now

Right Place Wrong Person RM
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Korean boy band, BTS member, RM has revealed its second solo album titled ‘Right Place, Wrong Person.’ Listen to the full album below.

The album features 11 tracks including:

  1. Right People, Wrong Place
  2. Nuts
  3. Out of Love
  4. Domodachi
  5. ?(Interlude)
  6. Groin
  7. Heaven
  8. LOST!
  9. Around the world in a day
  10. Credit Roll
  11. Come Back to me

Prevalent, the record reflects a “raw and honest presentation of RM’s distinctive sensibility, aesthetics, and beliefs,” per a BigHit release, and follows the South Korean artist’s 2022 debut album Indigo.

According to Billboard reports, the artwork captured the star-born Kim Namjoon as an “ordinary individual in relatable, everyday settings, enjoying moments of freedom — a departure from the glamorous persona he embodies on stage.”

BTS’ RM Reveals Second Solo ++Album ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’ – Listen Now

RM 'LOST!' Official MV

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