Charli XCX Collaborates With Addison Rae and A.G. Cook On The “Von Dutch” Remix

Charlie XCX Von Dutch Remix

Charli XCX has released the new “Von Dutch” remix. She collaborates with Addison Rae and A.G. Cook on the song remix.

English singer Charlie XCX is going to release her sixth album, “Brat”, this summer. So far, she’s published the first teaser, Von Dutch, near the end of February.

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Charli has now released its official remix, which features longtime collaborator and producer A.G. Cook and TikTok starlet Addison Rae. Charli and Rae swap lines in the remix’s new verses, singing:

“I’m just living that life / While you’re sittin’ in your dad’s basement / Bet you’re disappointed that I’m shinin'”

Charli has also hinted that her future album will be a dance song that returns to her origins in club music. On X, she wrote: “I was born to make dance music…I came from the clubs..xcx6 is the album I’ve always wanted to make.”

Listen to Charli XCX Von Dutch Remix

Charli XCX - The von dutch remix with addison rae and a. g. cook (Official Audio)
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