The Drifters Member, Charlie Thomas Died At Age 85

Charlie Thomas Died
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American singer best known for his work with The Drifters member, Charlie Thomas has died at the age of 85. On Monday (Feb. 6), his friend Peter Lemongello Jr. confirmed to The New York Times.

According to Lemongello, Thomas died as a result of liver cancer but regularly kept up with his physical activities until his condition started deteriorating.

“He was aging, but he was active almost every weekend,” Lemongello, former singer for The Crests, told the newspaper. “Unfortunately, he went from being active to being at home and he started going downhill.”

Thomas, who was born in Virginia, US in 1937, joined the band in the late 1950s after The Drifters’ manager George Treadwell fired all the existing band members following a disastrous concert at the Apollo in Harlem, New York City.

The Drifters Member, Charlie Thomas Died At Age 85

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