Coldplay Announce First Album Track, ‘feelslikeimfallinginlove’

Coldplay feelslikeimfallinginlove
Via Youtube

British rock band, Coldplay to release their first new album track named ‘feelslikeimfallinginlove.’ Watch the incredible teaser below.

The tease video featured the track’s cumbersome title across the face of a waning planet with a colorful corona erupting from its surface. The band first single from their upcoming follow-up to 2021’s Music of the Spheres, “feelslikeimfallinginlove,” will be dropped on June 21.

The band shared the first nibble of the anthemic music from their 10th studio album last week when they posted a 20-second TikTok of singer Chris Martin singing the chorus in front of a neon-lit Ferris wheel, singing, “It feels like I’m falling in love/ You’re throwing me a lifeline/ Oh, not for the first time/ I know I’m not alone.” 

Recently, Coldplay celebrated a 25th-anniversary vinyl version of “Brothers & Sisters”. The EP’s CD edition also included a third track, ‘Only Superstition’.

Coldplay Announce First Album Track, ‘feelslikeimfallinginlove’

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