Disclosure Drops Long-Awaited New Album, “Alchemy”

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English electronic music duo, Disclosure has dropped its long-awaited new album titled “Alchemy.” Listen to the full album below.

The album marks Disclosure’s first album to be independently released via their AWAL imprint, Apollo Records, after a stint on Island Records, a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group.

The album, “Alchemy” features 11 tracks including:

  1. ‘Looking For Love’
  2. ‘Simply Won’t Do’
  3. ‘Higher Than Ever Before’
  4. ‘A Little Bit’
  5. ‘Go The Distance’
  6. ‘Someday…’
  7. ‘We Were In Love’
  8. ‘Sun Showers’
  9. ‘Purify’
  10. ‘Brown Eyes’
  11. ‘Talk On The Phone’

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According to a press release, Disclosure started the new-album process after wrapping up touring for their 2020 album ENERGY. “Howard temporarily relocated from London to Los Angeles and began separately writing sketches, assisted in the studio by friends and collaborators Max Margolis and DonnyBravo,”

“When Guy received the demos, he sat with them for weeks, allowing him to absorb them fully before adding his own touches. The process was then reversed, with Guy writing his own sketches—including on an early version of ‘Higher Than Ever Before,’ written with the acclaimed songwriter Cirkut, which keen fans may have heard during Guy’s recent secret set at Glastonbury—and Howard working on them. Finally, they met up together in London to finish the record.”

Disclosure Drops Long-Awaited New Album, “Alchemy”

We Were In Love

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