Emiway Drops Heart Touching Motivational Song ‘THANKS TO GOD’


The Indian desi hip hop artist, Emiway Bantai has dropped his brand new heart touching motivational song named ‘THANKS TO GOD.’ Watch the full video below.

The track ‘THANKS TO GOD‘ is sung and lyric given by Emiway Bantai, Music is produced by Pendo46, Edited by – Happy and Emiway, from production – Bantai studio.

As we all know, there is deep motivation in every song of EMIWAY, because he has worked hard in the hip hop industry, and now he is one of the Independent artists. Coming to this brand new track he gives a strong message to every hardworking/struggling youth, like do not lose hope, one day you will definitely become successful if you dose work hard. Know more about the track listen here.

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He raps,“Ab Mei Accha Karra Tha / Abba Ka Kam Hora Tha Thap Par Woh Nai Har Manenge / Woh Badalke Rhenge Kismat / Filal Jo Waqt Tha Woh Kaagi Saqt Tha Paisa Usane Se Pehle Deraha Hu Sadqah.”

He ends the rap with this beautiful line, “Kal Toota Tha Lekin / Aj Bilkul Naya Mei / Mei Laut Aya Hu Tere Pass / Kaha Tha Chala Gaya Mei”

Emiway Drops Heart Touching Motivational Track ‘THANKS TO GOD’

EMIWAY - THANKS TO GOD (Prod. by Pendo46) (Official Music Video)

Recently, Emiway Bantai teamed up with the English producer, Nana Rogues for the brand new hip hop track named ‘CHARGE.’ Also, he released his latest track, ‘LONELY‘ with Prznt.

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Last month, he got his new achievement, he received his new award which is Youtube Diamond Creator Award also known as Youtube Diamond Play Button. Two months ago, Emiway dropped his aggressive hip hop track called ‘Round One,’ then recently he released his desi hop hop track ‘KAUN HAI YE.

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