Everything But The Everything Release New Single “Never Said” featuring Sophia Prise

Never Said Everything But The Everything
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San Francisco music producer, Everything But The Everything has released a new single named “Never Said” featuring Sophia Prise. Listen to the full song below.

The track features guest Sophia Prise, who once again lends her vocals and is her follow-up to their prior collab “The Story,” which was released together in 2020. The New Wave/Indie project by design leads with special guest vocalists for each single.

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Never Said artwork

The pairing of EBTE with Prise’s soaring vocals is a natural one, conjuring a perfect layer of New Wave & Post Punk inspiration, set on top of Izzy’s hypnotic bass rhythms, 80’s esque guitars, analog synthesizers, and powerful, yet straightforward drumming. Each guest, including Prise, is always a natural pairing, coming together from Izzy’s extensive network of friends and fellow musicians who he met over years of being a successful promoter in the San Francisco area. Sophia Prise is an Oregon singer, producer, and musician, who with a formal background in music has since worked as a professional vocalist for multiple international touring acts. 

“I’ve been friends with Sophia for a while which led to our collaboration on EBTE tracks “Just” and “The Story”. In continuing EBTE’s collaborations with various artists, I sent Sophia and a few other singers some demos but noticed they were all having trouble finding inspiration within the songs submitted. So, I offered a song swap and it worked! The ideas began to flow, and Sophia quickly sent back the draft of what became her final version of “Never Said”. Now that the band is playing live shows, Sophia Prise has become a true frontwoman and keeps the band on point”.

Izzy The Gent

In addition to “Never Said”, Izzy has released multiple singles over the past couple of years including “In Love Again” (feat. Golden Plates), “Denails” (feat. Tobias Hawkins),  “Blue Sun” (feat. Olivia Barchard), “The Story (feat. Sophia Prise)”, “Intimacy (feat. Luke Sweeney)” and “Jump (feat. Vacances)”. EBTE will be playing their next live show on October 13th in Oakland at The Golden Bull, and special guest vocalists will include Sophia Prise, Adam Brookes, and Tobias Hawkins of Counting Crows/Laundry fame.

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Everything But The Everything Release New Single “Never Said” featuring Sophia Prise

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About Everything But The Everything:

Everything But The Everything is the project of San Francisco producer and bass player Izzy The Gent. Growing up in the Bay Area gave Izzy a taste of Punk Rock in his youth, but over the years he shifted his interest into becoming a DJ and climbing the ranks within the scene as a notable club promoter.

As Izzy picked up the bass once again while playing for the notable areas of the band The Frail and now creates music under the EBTE moniker. The group gives Izzy the chance to write his own brand of rock while inviting a diverse lineup of vocalists to guests to top each track. His latest single “Never Said” was released on October 7th.

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