Green Day Drops 14th Studio Album, ‘Saviors’ – Listen Here

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American rock band, Green Day has dropped its 14th studio album named ‘Saviors.’ Listen to the full album songs below.

The album festures 15 tracks follows 2020’s Father of All Motherf***ers but the band doesn’t necessarily see it as a follow-up to that record.

“Did I want it to be an old-school Green Day punk record, or did I want to do something that felt more lush and stadiumlike?” Billie Joe Armstrong told Vulture. “When we saw it come together, I remembered thinking, Oh, this is the connection. Saviors does feel like a trifecta with Dookie and American Idiot where it feels like a life’s work.”

“I went from not knowing what the hell I was doing, to going, ‘Oh gosh, we managed to bridge the gap between those two huge albums,” he continued.

Rather, Saviors was created to bridge two of Green Day’s earlier LPs, 1994’s Dookie and the 2004’s hit – and their most popular album to date – American Idiot.

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Green Day Drops 14th Studio Album, ‘Saviors’ – Listen Here

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