Hayley Williams Cancels Solo Tour Amid COVID-19

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The American singer-songwriter, Hayley Williams has canceled her debut album, Petals for Armor’s solo tour due to coronavirus pandemic. Check out the post below.

Hayley Williams announced the tour cancellation news on her Twitter account and wrote, “hi friends, yes, it’s true. the remaining dates for Petals For Armor have been officially canceled. this year has been hard on everybody for lots of different reasons. I’m sorry to add to that list… sorry for myself and for yall. refunds are available.”

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On March 5(Thursday), she announced her first solo tour to support her debut album, Petals for Armor. But unfortunately, it has to be canceled. Hope, She will be touring next year.

She said in a statement, “Wow. I am going on a tour. Myself. It’s not Paramore and truthfully, it’s just a little terrifying, But if I know anything, it’s that there’s no safer place (besides at home with my dog) than to be in a room, in front of the people who’ve grown up singing my lungs out for. There was a time I thought I wouldn’t tour Petals for Armor. What a joke. I must.”

The tour was about to take place on May 13 in Amsterdam, with North American dates slated to begin on May 28 with a show in Seattle. The outing is scheduled to wrap up on June 29 in Nashville.

“The first run of shows is going to be hot, sweaty, and intimate,” Williams continued. “My brand-newly-formed band I will be playing rooms that Paramore outgrew a decade ago. It’s going to be so satisfying to feel the energy of a crowd that close again, especially while performing songs that feel so vital for me; songs I have never performed before for an audience.”

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Hayley Williams Cancels Solo Tour Amid COVID-19

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