Lana Del Rey & Quavo Teases New Song ‘Tough’: Listen

Lana Del Rey Tough
Via Youtube

The ‘Summertime Sadness’ singer, Lana Del Rey & rapper, Quavo have teased their new song named ‘Tough.’ Watch the teaser clip below.

On Wednesday night (June 19), The duo unexpectedly teased the new track, leaving fans of both artists bobbing in the comments on Instagram.

Together, they sing in the teaser video: “Tough like the scarf on a pair of old leather boots/ Like the blue-collar, red-dirt attitude/ Like a .38 made out of brass/ Tough like the stuff in my grandpa’s glass/ Life’s gonna do what it does/ Sure as the good lord’s up above/ Cut like a diamond shining in the rough, tough.”

“If u come from where u come then u were born….Tough!” he captioned the post, which pictured a Polaroid of the two hanging out on the front porch of a house.

Previously, On Instagram Thursday (May 9), The duo shared a snippet of the new track. In the teaser snippet, the Migos star talks over an instrumental comprised of Western guitars and trap beats blended with Rey’s distant vocals. “If you come to the North, I’ll show you around,” Quavo says. “Come take a ride with me. Whenever you ready, call on me.”

Lana Del Rey & Quavo Teases New Song ‘Tough’: Listen

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