Martin Garrix’s 2019 Remixes Out Now! What Is Your Favorite Remix?

Martin Garrix
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The world famous DJ The Martin Garrix are releasing its remix packs, he has been released 7 remixes now. The artists Dubvision, Drama, Vintage Cluture & Bruno Be, Dyro, Silque, Bart B More and Julian Jordan are the part of all the remixes. They have worked to produces the remixes and part of it.

As we all know our artists has talent in EDM, and looking at their talent they all produced that remixes. The song “No sleep” remixed by Dubvision, “Mistaken” remixed by DRAMA, “Summer Days” remixed by Vintage Cluture & Bruno Be, “These Are The Time” remixed by Dyro, “Home” remixed by Silque, “Used To Love” remixed by Bart B More and last song “Hold On” remixed by Julian Jordan. Recently Martin Garrix has released “Hold On” and surprisingly the remix we get so fast of that song.

You can listen all the remixes by clicking this link :- Must Listen Martin Garrix 7 new remixes of 2019

Martin Garrix shared a tweet and said must listen all the remixes. All the remixes are fully based on Martin Garrix’s Best hits on 2019.

Martin Garrix (full name Martijn Gerard Garritsen) is a Dutch DJ and record producer from Amstelveen. He showed musical interest at an early age and learned to play the guitar at the age of 8.


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