MONSTA X Returns With 12th Mini Album ‘Reason’ – Listen

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South Korean boy group, MONSTA X has returned with its 12th mini album named ‘Reason,’ also released ‘Beautiful Liar’ music video. Listen to the full album below.

The new mini album features 6 tracks including Beautiful Liar, Daydream, Crescendo, LONE RANGER, Deny, and It’s Alright.

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Joohoney said the new project includes “tracks of various genres that are produced by our members” before asking, “So what more reason do you need?”

“MONSTA X is nothing without our signature performance,” I.M added. “We prepared a lot for you guys, MONBEBE, so please look forward to it.”

That mini-album was led by the title track ‘Love’ and dropped on April 26, 2022 following a two-week delay after several members of the group caught COVID-19 ahead of its original release date.

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MONSTA X Returns With 12th Mini Album ‘Reason’ – Listen

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 'Beautiful Liar' MV

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