Seringai To Releases New Single ‘Ishtarkult’ Ft. Danilla Riyadi

Seringai Ishtarkult Danilla
Via Instagram

The metal band, Seringai has officially announced their new single, ‘Ishtarkult’ featuring Danilla Riyadi. Check out the full post below.

Seringai shared the news via social media while tagging Danilla and wrote that “ISHTARKULT ⁣Seringai feat. @danillariyadi ⁣Video musik animasi terbaru karya studio @afterlab.⁣ Tayang perdana 21 Januari 2021.”

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The track, ‘Ishtarkult‘ will be released on 21st Jan(this month). Earlier this week, they revealed the teaser for its music video song, which was helmed by Bandung animation studio Afterlab. The collaboration appears to be a partnership with Jägermeister. It depicts a cloaked figure traversing the desert towards a mystical destination.

Previously, she had appeared as a guest vocalist on their last album ‘Seperti Api’ (‘Like Fire’). She dropped a few one-off songs in 2020, the latest being the slow-burning track ‘Fevercoaster’ in August.

Seringai To Releases New Single ‘Ishtarkult’ Ft. Danilla Riyadi

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