Tems Declares Debut New Album ‘Born in the Wild’

Tems Born in the Wild
Via Youtube

Nigerian singer, and songwriter, Tems has announced the debut new album titled, ‘Born in the Wild.’ Watch the teaser album below.

The news came a day after her Coachella set, during which she brought out Wizkid and Justin Bieber. The clip probably portrays sets from back home, with children sprinting around the beach that evoke memories from Tems’ childhood.

“It’s all over the news, all over the news, I notice/ Under the sun, struggling to find my focus/ When I was young, younger than my mind as always/ Runnin’ away,” she sings before launching into the chorus with the album title. “BORN IN THE WILD. The Album. May 2024,” she captioned the clip on Instagram and X.

Tems Declares Debut New Album ‘Born in the Wild’

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