The Chainsmokers Become First DJ To Perform At Edge Of Space

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American electronic DJ, The Chainsmokers will become the first DJ to perform a live concert at the edge of space.

According to the reports, The duo has signed up to be launched into the stratosphere in a pressurized capsule.

The feat would make The Chainsmokers the first musical artists to perform at the edge of space, said Ryan Hartman, chief executive officer at fledgling space tourism company World View, to The Associated Press.

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“We have always dreamed of going to space and are stoked to collaborate with World View to have this adventure and experience,” said The Chainsmokers in a statement. “We know the views of both Earth and space are going to be incredible and inspiring and we hope to leverage this flight for creativity on future projects.”

Hartman said that while most of the people who have made space flights are scientists and engineers, World View hopes to send up artists might “inspire them to do something different than they would have otherwise done.”

“We think about inspiring new perspectives and how those new perspectives can lead to a radically improved future for our Earth,” said Hartman. “To be able to reach the audience of The Chainsmokers through Alex and Drew’s work contributes to our mission as well. It’s something that I’m personally inspired by and excited about.”

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