Zico and BLACKPINK’s Jennie Release New Collaboration “Spot”

Zico Jennie New Collab Spot
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Rapper Zico and BLACKPINK’s member Jennie announce their new collaboration “Spot”.

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Zico shared about “Spot” in a press release, “As soon as I finished making the track, I knew it was executed to perfection without a doubt. The charm of this single lies in its simple arrangement that evokes listeners’ excitement and desire to have fun. Wanted to create a song that people can put on repeat, stripping away any unnecessary elements to emphasize the parts where I wanted to highlight most throughout the track”.

The music video for ‘Spot!’ includes Zico and BLACKPINK’s Jennie singing the song on various setups, including a picture studio and a recording booth. Later, the couple meets up with buddies on a rooftop for a late-night party.

ZICO (지코) ‘SPOT! (feat. JENNIE)’ Official MV

Jennie released ‘Slow Motion’ with Brockhampton’s Matt Champion, her debut single after launching her label Odd Atelier. The singer subsequently claimed that she and Champion collaborated on the song more than “three years ago”.

Zico’s most recent release was the July 2022 mini-album ‘Grown Ass Kid’, which featured the songs ‘Seoul Drift’ and ‘Freak’. Since then, the K-pop idol has formed the boyband BOY NEXT DOOR under his KOZ Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of HYBE.

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