How tall Is Bryce James? 15 Engrossing Facts About Him

How tall Is Bryce James
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Hey reader! Welcome to our page. We are jubilant to have you here. Guys, the central theme of the discussion is How Tall Is Bryce James. Let’s first look at who Bryce James is. His full name is Bryce Maximus James. He is an american Basketball player. 

He plays for Strive for Greatness l Chatsworth, Los Angeles. Bryce James is a wonderful individual with a keen sense of humor and a passion for adventure. He is the Son of LeBron James of the LA Lakers,  Both of his parents were athletes in high school. 

Bryce james

However, He is creative and always shows curiosity about new things in life. Apart from playing basketball he also plays Scoccer. 

Bryce James approaches life with a fearless spirit, always seeking new experiences and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. He is a force to be counted on and an inspiration to those around them.

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How tall is Bryce James

15-year-old Bryce James’ height is now, reportedly, 6ft 6in (1.98m). Although, his current height could potentially change in the future. It is three inches taller than his older brother Bronny. 

15 Engrossing Facts About Him

  1. Bryce James is younger and taller than his brother Bronny James. Bryce is 6’6 and his brother is 6’3. 
  2. Bryce attends Sierra canyon high school. His brother attended the same school as well.
  3. His favorite NBA player is not his Dad. shocking, isn’t it? 
  4. His favorite NBA player is Stephen Curry, the famous American professional basketball player. 
  5. He is the best shooter in the house. 
  6. Bryce and Bronny were not allowed on social media. 
  7. He wasn’t allowed to play all sports. Such as football. 
  8. His father has a strict rule for both his sons that they can only play basketball, baseball, and Soccer in his house. 
  9. Bryce was Born The day after Lebron got Sweat Spurs. 
  10. Chris Paul is his Godfather. 
  11. Bryce James can already do a Windmill Dunk.
  12. He has a High Nil Valuation, $748k. This number is sure to be increased sooner. 
  13. Over the past few years, he has already gone viral on the internet for his exceptional windmill dunk. 
  14. Bryce James recently played in an AAU game, where he was fouled beyond the 3-point line on the final possession.
  15. Bryce James has the calmness and composure needed to excel. However, His father will certainly try to teach him the tips and tricks needed to reach the elite level.

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