Music Education As A Way To Better Reveal Your Identity

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Aside from being a getaway for almost every individual on the planet, music is a universal language. Regardless of culture, background, race, or gender, people connect over the harmonies and music various instruments produce. A song has the power to connect people together and inflict emotions, moving the strings of the heart. Hence, music has the potential to mold identity, as it provides a sense of self and the collective. That’s why cultures have their unique music tied to their roots. At the end of the day, songs might help you connect to your culture, discover your true identity, and enjoy a beat.

So how does music set your identity? It’s a collection of your social experiences, the emotions inflicted, and the rhythms of your body. This article will illustrate how music education can better reveal your identity.

Why Music Education Is Important

Music is inherently a beautiful construct. However, many underestimate music education in school and college. Music is often a medium for inspiration, which we draw from to write, draw, sing, and speak. Since it allows us to explore our identity, it often speaks volumes about someone’s character. You can further understand how our identities are fragile through a list of identity essay titles. Here you can learn how music education at university can impact your identity through examples of essays. A sample essay about identity will allow you to perform better in a writing course.

How Music Helps Us Find Our Identity

While we do not initially understand music’s impact on our well-being, paying attention to the type of music we play is revolutionary. You start noticing how the song directly affects your emotional and mental state. For instance, when you’re sad, you will often listen to sad music you relate to. People might listen to more calming, less lyrical pieces when overwhelmed. This is all part of shaping your identity, as the type of music you relish in speaks about your true self. 

Connecting To History, Culture, And Traditions

There are numerous genres of music, each with its unique elements and musical groups. But have you ever wondered what music tells us about our history and traditions? Learning a new musical instrument allows you to further dive into the culture-related influence of music. It also urges you to learn about the origin of music and how songs came to be.

For example, Jazz emerged primarily as African-American music. This allows individuals to explore their roots, connect with their culture, and research their traditions. If anything, it will enable people to discover where they belong and uncover their ancestors’ history.

Music Helps Us Learn Languages

Whether in school, college, work, or home, listening to music alleviates stress and enhances mood. However, did you know that music has the potential to improve your language? Reflect on when you heard a song in a foreign language and truly enjoyed the beat. Then, you listened to that particular song over and over again. Did you notice how you start picking up the lyrics and slowly but surely memorizing them? 

That’s primarily due to a person’s ability to retain more expressions and words delivered through the MP3 form. We are drawn to particular types of music thanks to the repetitive and sometimes addictive beats. This allows your brain to learn better than you would during a class.

Music Directly Impacts Fashion

Fashion is not merely pieces of fabric. Instead, for many individuals, their clothes are an expression of identity. While it might not seem like a direct correlation, music pieces can influence how you dress, reflecting your true identity. For instance, people might attempt to dress up like their favorite artists as they identify with their message, style, and lyrics. While it might be a subconscious attempt, it reflects who you are.

What Your Favorite Music Genre Says About You

A study by researchers at Heriot-Watt University investigated how music genres reflect personality traits. Not only does your favorite song reveal your attitude, but it also shows how you might function in your academic life. 

Jazz, Blues & Soul Music

Not only are Jazz fanatics extroverted and highly expressive, but they’re known to have more confidence in themselves. It’s also associated with higher creativity, openness, and intelligence levels. 

Rock & Heavy Metal Music

The first association with rock music is often a dark, aggressive image of someone. You might even associate it with a completely black outfit, heavy mascara, and a lot of screaming. However, people who prefer rock and heavy metal(Heavy Metal Bands) are more gentle and introverted. They’re also creative individuals and have a tendency to be less confident.

Indie Music

Fans of indie music have unexpected characteristics. They are often less gentle than other people and are introverted but also highly creative. Regardless, passivity and anxiousness are associated with people who prefer this genre. Indie music lovers are also not very hardworking individuals. 

Pop Music

Are you obsessed with the top 50 popular songs? Well, that means you’re more honest, extroverted, and relatable. While you might be less imaginative, your music taste portrays how high your self-esteem tends to be. 

Rap & Hip-Hop Music

Rap, just like rock, is associated with aggressive people. However, rap tends to reflect the feeling of oppression or a sense of being unrelatable. Yet, these individuals tend to have high self-esteem and are usually extroverted. 

Conclusion: Importance of Music Education

Studying music as part of your education is a vital measure everyone is encouraged to take. Not only will it introduce you to various cultures, but it will also allow you to further connect to your roots. Moreover, it enhances your language and will enable you to learn a new language much more quickly.

Regardless of what type of music genre you prefer, it all develops a more profound sense of self and identity. That is why your choice of music is often associated with identity, as it establishes your general traits and personality. At the end of the day, everyone enjoys a specific type of music. 

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