One Piece Ace Tattoo Explained|| Here Is All You Need To Know

Ace Tattoo One Piece Explained
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Hey buddies! In this post, we will discuss the meaning of One Piece Ace Tattoo. One Piece is one of the most popular manga series since the 90s. It is an intriguing story of Monkey D. Luffy and his band of Straw Hat Pirates as they quest for the “One Piece” treasure. Humans and various species inhabit the world of One Piece, including dwarfs, giants, merfolk, fish-men, the Snakeneck Tribe, and animal people Minks.

The series has several interesting characters, one of them is Ace. One Piece has been a huge success it is one of the best-selling manga series in the world. It set a Guinness World Record for “the most copies published by a single author for the same comic book series.”

Moreover, One Piece was the best-selling manga series for eleven years. In the twelfth year, the manga did not lead the list in 2019, coming second in the annual manga sales ranking, although remaining the best-selling manga by volume for the twelfth straight year.

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Let’s Know About Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D Ace

Ace is the son of Portgas D Ace and Gol D. Roger. He was the adoptive older brother of Monkey D. Luffy, the primary protagonist of “One Piece.” He was also the second-division captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, one of the most formidable pirate groups in the series.

Unfortunately, Blackbeard defeated and captured him. Ace was sold to the World Government and sentenced to death because of his paternal links to Gol D. Roger. Ace’s execution triggered the Paramount War, in which the Whitebeard Pirates attempted to attack the Marines and the Seven Warlords. Ace’s final words to Luffy were a profound message, asking him to keep following his ambitions and not give up.

Ace appeared posthumously in the “From the Decks of the World” cover story, highlighting the impact of his death on numerous individuals and locales throughout the world.

However, Whitebeard and his men were sadly killed during the endeavor. Ace, who had been temporarily released, gave his life to protect Luffy from Akainu and perished on the battlefield.

Ace has a spade tattoo on his upper left arm. The tattoo is a Whitebeard Pirates emblem, emphasizing Ace’s connection to the group. Ace confronted Blackbeard to exact revenge on him for killing one of their crewmates and betraying the crew.

Other than that, Ace ate the Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit, which allowed him to produce, manipulate, and turn into fire. This ability aided his combat abilities significantly.

Ace was an important character in the “War of the Best” arc aka the Marineford Arc. This arc marks a turning point in the “One Piece” tale, with important ramifications for Ace and the larger plot.

Portgas D. Ace has a close friendship with Monkey D. Luffy, Marco, Sabo, Yamato, Masked Deuce, and Tama. He cares for his near and dear ones despite his arrogant nature.

What Does Ace Tattoo Mean In One Piece?

One Piece Ace Tattoo Meaning

Ace’s ‘ASCE’ tattoo is his name, with the crossed-out S representing his brother Sabo. Although not explicitly stated by Oda, this hypothesis is supported by pre-existing canon information and manga panels.

On the other hand, others believe that this tattoo is an abbreviation, with each letter representing something different. “A” represents Ace, “S” represents Sabo, and “C” represents “crybaby” (Luffy). Finally, “E” stands for Edward Newgate, Ace’s father and the man to whom he owed everything.

One Piece Green: Hidden Pieces, the fourth databook in the series, already reveals the significance of the “ASCE” lettering. Ace’s name was all that was inked, along with the letter “S” for Sabo, his sworn younger brother.
In addition to being Sabo’s first letter, the capital “S” above crossed bones served as the distinguishing feature of his cheerful roger. Ace and Luffy thought Sabo was dead, so the “S” was crossed out.

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Sabo’s existence was revealed long later, during the Dressrosa Arc. Sabo was ready to drown when a World Noble wrecked his boat. Monkey D. Dragon rescued him, eventually recruited him into the Revolutionary Army, and groomed him as his right-hand man.

Sabo met with Luffy after regaining his memory and determined to continue on Ace’s heritage by swallowing the Flame-Flame Fruit, which the latter had held.

Some Interesting Facts about Ace

Facts about Ace

Let’s explore some unknown facts about the Portgas D Ace.

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  1. Portgas D. Ace used Conqueror’s Haki in the ASL flashback following the Marineford arc of One Piece. However, it is a lesser-known truth that Ace can also utilize Armament Haki.
  2. Ace had the largest bounty, and no one else had it. This was before One Piece’s time jump. He had around 550 million Berries.
  3. Ace set off toward the open sea, letting the rest of the world know about him. He designed the Spade Pirates using some unique traits and flair.
  4. Ace’s mother Rouge, was incredibly cunning, hiding him in her belly for 20 months and duping the government into believing he had no kid.
  5. Her mother Portgas D. Rouge hid him in her womb for 20 months and tricked the authorities into believing he had no child.
  6. Ace chose his mother’s name “Portgas D. Ace” over his father’s name. His father Rogue wanted his name to be “Gol D. Ace”. But Ace didn’t like him at all.
  7. Portgas D. Ace was born on January 1, the same day as manga writer Eiichiro Oda.
  8. Ace was born on the little island of Baterilla in the South Blue, not in the East Blue’s Goa Kingdom.
  9. Ace has been chosen as one of the most popular characters in the One Piece series in Shueisha popularity polls.
  10. Ace’s signature tattoo on his back is the Whitebeard Pirates’ emblem. It denotes his position as division commander of the 2nd division.
  11. Ace was one of the favorite One Piece characters of the creator Eiichiro Oda.
  12. He was a talented marksman who could utilize his fire capabilities to improve his accuracy with firearms.
  13. Ace was amazing at using Devil Fruit powers. He could use fire for both offensive and defense, inventing devastating moves such as the Fire Fist and Fire Gun.
  14. Ace first appeared in the manga in Chapter 154, at the end of the Drum Island arc. It appeared in Episode 91 of the anime. He next appeared in the Alabasta arc.
  15. Ace’s flag depicted a skull with a flame-shaped mustache, representing his Fire Fist skill.

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