Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship Timeline

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Relationship Timeline
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People are always curious to know about new relationships especially when it’s about famous personalities. Whether they are singers, actors, sportspersons, or artists, their relationship news makes people crazy. Today’s post will unveil the relationship timeline of renowned singer Taylor Swift and professional football player Travis Kelce. Their relationship news sparked on the Internet in September 2023.

However, the story began earlier than that. The football tight end shared that he tried to give his number to Taylor at her Eras Tour concert. Taylor also attended Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs games. Travis shared about the relationship more frequently than the pop singer.

We have come up with the timeline of their relationship. Let’s know more about the adorable couple’s relationship with this timeline. From the dating rumors to their confirmation about the relationship, let’s check out. Here we go. Also, get to know Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny’s Relationship timeline.

July 8, 2023- Travis Kelce attends Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Taylor Swift

The football player was spotted first at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour spot in Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium in July. He watched it sitting in his private box. It was the first time, both were spotted at an event. Travis liked her from her first appearance.

July 26, 2023- Travis Kelce tried to give Swift his number 

Travis and Swift

After the NFL player attended the tour, he shared that he tried to meet Taylor but failed to do so. He said on the podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, “I was disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs she sings,” He also said that he was unable to carry out his plan to send a bespoke bracelet to Swift.

“If you’re up on Taylor Swift concerts, there are friendship bracelets, and I received a bunch of them being there, but I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number on it.”

September 14, 2023- Jason Kelce plays coy about Kelce and Swift dating rumors

Well, when Travis’ brother Jason Kelce was asked about the coupling in an interview, he said “I’ve seen these rumors, and I cannot comment”.

“Ever since Catching Kelce, everybody’s been infatuated with Travis’ love life,” Jason remarked, alluding to his brother’s brief reality dating program. “I don’t really know what’s going on there, but I know Travis is having fun and we’ll see what happens with whoever he ends up with.”

September 21, 2023- Kelce asked Swift out to watch him play

In an interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Travis Kelce shared about his and Swift’s relationship:

“I threw it out there; I threw the ball in her court, and y’know, I told her … ‘I’ve seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead. You might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead and see which one’s a little more lit.’ So we’ll see what happens shortly.”

September 24, 2023- Swift attends Travis Kelce’s game 

Swift attends Kelce game

Swift surprised football fans and Swifties alike when she appeared in the Kansas City Chiefs game. She spent the day cheering for Kelce from his suite with his mother, Donna, as the club defeated the Chicago Bears.

Later, the pop singer and Kansas player exited the stadium together after the game.

September 27, 2023- Kelce opens up about his relationship with Swift on his podcast

Travis Kelce shared his relationship with Swift on his podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. He said, “I’m enjoying life, and I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend,” reflecting on his night with Swift. “Thank you, Taylor, for showing up. That was ballsy,” Kelce stated as he chatted to his brother Jason about how he felt having the singer in his room during the “exciting game.”

“I simply thought it was amazing how everyone in the suite had nothing but positive things to say about her—friends and relatives. She looked wonderful and everybody was talking about her in a positive light,” he stated, adding that the cherry on top was that “the day went flawless for Chiefs fans of course.”

October 1, 2023- Swift attends Travis’s game with her friends

Taylor attends Kelce game at Metlife Stadium

Swift appeared at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on 1st Oct where Kelce’s club was playing the New York Jets. The singer attended the game with her friends, including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Sabrina Carpenter, and others.

The official NFL account tweeted to Swift on X before the game, “Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you,” posting videos of her greeting others at the stadium and relishing the game with the song.

October 6, 2023- Travis Kelce says he’s on top of the world

On 6 October 2023, Kelce hinted at his relationship with Swift during a team media availability, stating, “As all the attention comes…it feels like I was on top of the world after the Super Bowl and right now I’m even more on top of the world.”

Photographers have started waiting for Kelce at his Kansas City house. When asked how he’s adjusting to all of the extra attention he’s getting amid the rumors about his connection with Swift, Kelce said he’s “learning” how to manage “paparazzi just taking photos from all over the place”.

But Kelce is aware of the area Swift’s degree of celebrity entails. “However, it also comes with it,” he continued. “You’ve got a lot of people that care about Taylor, and for good reason.”

October 12, 2023- Taylor Swift attends the Kansas City Chiefs game after her Eras Tour film premiere

Taylor Swift attends the Kansas City Chiefs game with friends

After appearing in the Eras Tour film premiere, Taylor attended the Kansas City Chiefs game the next day(12 Oct). Kelce played against the Denver Broncos at the Arrowhead Stadium. Taylor Swift was spotted socializing with Kelce’s parents and Brittany Mahomes.

October 14, 2023- Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hold hands in N.Y.C. after a surprise SNL appearance

Taylor Swift and Kelce surprisingly appeared on Saturday Night Live on October 14. While Swift introduced Ice Spice as the musical guest, Kelce performed a brilliant comedy on the NFL and their obsession with Taylor Swift coverage.

Following the performance, the two were holding hands in New York City as they attended the SNL afterparty at Catch Steak. The couple looks so adorable holding hands in hands.

October 22, 2023- Swift attends Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs game

Swift attends Travis Kelce's game

On 22 October 2023, Swift appeared again in the Kansas City Chiefs Game at Arrowhead Stadium. She wore a Kansas Chief red sweatshirt and a friendship bracelet with Kelce’s number 89. Swift cheered for the team along with quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany Mahomes. Swift and Kelce were spotted holding hands while leaving the stadium together.

October 23, 2023- Taylor Swift kisses Travis Kelce in an Instagram photo

Swift kisses Kelce in an Instagram photo

An Instagram post went viral on 23 October which shows The Blank Space singer kissing the tight-end Travis on his cheek. Well, Travis and Taylor were hanging out with Kansas player Mecole Hardman Jr. and his girlfriend Chariah Gordon. Chariah posted pictures on her Insta handle and one of them included Swift kissing Kelce while Mecole and Chariah posing in the frame.

November 11, 2023- Travis Kelce spotted at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Travis attended Swift’s performance in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday night. The football star, alongside Swift’s father, was spotted in the VIP tent at Estadio River Plate. Swift and Kelce were photographed out to supper the night before at Elena, a steakhouse located in the Four Seasons hotel.

The event crowd got crazy when Swift changed the Karma line, from “Karma is the guy in the screen coming straight home to me” to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.”

After the show’s wrap-up, Taylor ran to Travis’s arms backstage and kissed him.

November 20, 2023- Travis Kelce opens up about Swift and his relationship in an Interview

Travis opens up about Swift

In an interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine Kelce opens up about how his friendship with Swift began.

“There were certainly people she knew who knew who I was. “I had someone playing Cupid,” he explained. He said Swift is unlike anybody he’s ever dated, and the two have bonded over their love of family.

“Everybody knows I’m a family guy,” he said. “Her team is her family. Her family does a lot of stuff in terms of the tour, the marketing, being around, so I think she has a lot of those values as well, which is right up my alley.”

December 1, 2023- Taylor Swift and Kelce attend a holiday party together in Kansas City

On 1st Dec 2023, Swift and Kelce were spotted outside a holiday bar in Kansas City with Patrick and Brittany Mahomes. They attended the party and enjoyed the night. Mahomes wore matching reindeer onesies while Swelce wore festive sweaters.

December 6, 2023- Taylor Swift Opens Up About Relationship with Travis for the first time

Time named Taylor as Time’s 2023 Person of the Year. During the interview, the singer opens up about her relationship with Travis. During the interview, she explained how her relationship with Kelce began, stating that it “all started when Travis very adorably put me on blast on his podcast, which I thought was metal as hell.”

“We started hanging out right after that. So we had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which I’m grateful for because we got to get to know each other,” Swift continued.

“By the time I went to that first game, we were a couple,” she revealed. “I think some people think that they saw our first date at that game. We would never be psychotic enough to hard launch a first date.”

December 31, 2023- Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at New Year’s Eve in Kansas City

Kelce and Swift celebrated Christmas together and rang in the new year at a party in Kansas City. An observer posted a video from the party on social media, showing the couple kissing. Kelce looked amazing in a maroon suit, while Swift glittered in a minidress. The couple enjoyed New Year’s Eve with each other.

January 21, 2024- Taylor Swift meets with Jason and Kylie Kelce at Chief’s game

Swift enjoyed the game with Jason Kelce

On 21 January 2024, Swift was spotted hanging out with Kelce’s brother Jason and sister-in-law Kylie during the Chiefs’ AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Buffalo Bills. The party was spotted eagerly applauding from the box as Kelce scored two touchdowns and the Chiefs finally defeated the Bills. Swift, Jason, and Kelce cheered and enjoyed the game together.

February 11, 2024- Taylor Swift supports Travis Kelce at the 2024 Super Bowl

Taylor supoorts Travis at the Super Bowl 2024

Swift never misses a chance to support her bae in his games. How could she resist when it’s the Super Bowl 2024? Swift attended the Super Bowl to offer her support for Kelce, along with her parents and friends.

For his big day, she wore all-black attire to the big game, teamed with a Wear by Erin Andrews bomber jacket sporting the Chiefs emblem. After the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Swift joined Kelce’s mother on the field and kissed the football star.

February 22, 2024- Swift and Kelce visit the Sydney Zoo

Swift and Kelce visited the Sydney Zoo on Feb 22 just a day before Swift’s tour. The couple enjoyed little moments with animals out there. They fed them, took selfies, and had fun together.

February 23, 2024- Kelce supports Swift at the Eras Tour

Travis spotted at Taylor's Eras Tour

Travis Kelce equally stands for Taylor Swift at times. On 23 February Travis attends Swift’s Eras Tour at the Accor Stadium. He sported a blue jersey and friendship bracelets on both arms.

The football player was spotted sporting a blue jersey and friendship bracelets on both arms. In a sweet video published on X, the couple was seen kissing as she exited the stage following the At the end of her performance, Taylor dedicated a modified “Karma” lyric to the athlete: “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me”.

April 13, 2024- Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce appeared at Coachella Festival

Swift and Kelce attend Coachella

Swift and Kelce went to the world-famous music festival Coachella in April 2024. The duo was seen holding hands, kissing, and dancing. They watched Swift’s friends, Ice Spice and Jack Antonoff’s band Bleachers, perform at the music festival. Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan joined them for a double date at the event.

April 19, 2024- Taylor Swift sings about Travis Kelce on The Tortured Poets Department

Swift fans speculated that she was singing about Kelce on a couple of tracks when her new album The Tortured Poets Department was released. Notably, “So High School” describes a relationship that makes her feel like she’s sixteen again, while “The Alchemy” makes several football analogies throughout.

May 12, 2024- Travis attends Taylor’s final Paris show

Travis attends Taylor's Paris tour

During Swift’s fourth and last Eras Tour performance in Paris, Kelce attends the event as a fan. In a video that a fan has uploaded, the NFL tight end is shown dancing to the song “So High School,” which was inspired by him. Moreover, Swift even gives Kelce in the crowd a kiss throughout the song.

Furthermore, Swift sports other outfits that feature Kansas City Chiefs colors, including a spectacular two-piece that combines a blazing red miniskirt with a golden ombré corset top.

We have considered the singer and footballer’s relationship timeline. The high-profile relationship got massive attention from the media and the public since their dating rumors sparked in 2023. Both confirmed the relationship and appeared together frequently.

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