Thor vs Captain Marvel: Who Is More Powerful?

Thor vs Captain Marvel
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It’s a big question that come after Captain Marvel was introduced in MCU. As who is stronger if it’s Thor vs Captain Marvel. Many questions arise as they both are totally strength-based heroes, both of them can fly, also, both of them are unbelievably strong and can take the most dangerous of dangerous attacks head-on. So, who is stronger.

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It is tough to decide between the two. As both of them in terms of strength are really close to each other.

Thor Odin’s son is the Asgardian “God of Thunder”, The Former King of Asgard, and also the new Asgard. He is also one of the founding members of “The Avengers”. Thor is one of the most powerful heroes on Earth, as he can fight with “The Incredible Hulk” with just his bare hands.

Also, casually breaking out of Surtur’s chains while a large dragon was struggling to break just one link on of the same chain. He is very durable as he can take attacks from the most powerful beings in MCU. And after receiving his new axe, “Stormbreaker”, he is just on another level.

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But as it is Thor vs Captain Marvel

So, Captain Marvel is the newcomer in the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe). The woman who took Thanos alone and that too head-on. Her real name is Carol Danvers, she is a former United States Air Pilot. Who upon being exposed to the energy of tesseract via the destruction of lightspeed engine obtained cosmic powers.

Her power is the result of having absorbed the energy of the space stone. Which helped her gain almost unlimited cosmic powers in the process as well as essentially being a human cree hybrid for being subjected to a free blood transfusion. Because of her hybrid nature, she is strong enough to bend the metal and can send people to fly backward at the speed they came.

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Also, she was strong enough to take an attack from Skrulls. She can easily keep up with a speeding train. However, after getting full control over her cosmic powers, she can tap into her binary mode which is like a power booster for her. She was even physically overpowered.

So, still, it is not cleared and is a huge controversy in the MCU that who is stronger after getting their power upgraded.

Who do you think will win in Thor vs Captain Marvel? Cause both are strong. But when it comes to amazing feats and experience Captain Marvel can’t beat Thor.

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Winner is Thor

As Thor is stronger after his power awakening in Ragnarok and infinity wars, he has been a force to reckon with. Also, Captain Marvel does not have that many feats under her sleeves. So, very much little is known about her strength and how strong will she be at her peak.

So, still, the indisputable winner of the match Thor vs Captain Marvel is Thor.

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