What Is Indie Music? History Of Indie Music

What is Indie Music
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“Indie Music” is all about independence. Also, it denotes freedom and ultimately helps a person to gain control over themselves. Also, This genre doesn’t need those music labels to boss them. They just work hard, make beautiful music, and inspire many to get independent.

Independent music or Indie music is separate from massive corporate record labels. All of them were born to be stars, as they make their own music and have grown themselves and nurtured the genre. But the “Indie” class does everything on its own in terms of recording, publishing, and performing. These bands are rarely interested in enlisting the assistance of well-known musicians.

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“Indie Music” During the 1970s

It came into the commercial scene during the 1970s and numerous bands, the solo artists started making Indie music. They started making their own compositions, and guitar solos without the help of these big music production companies or labels.

They made a new era for musicians who don’t have to fear, even when they don’t have money or sponsors. But believing in the sheer possibilities of how music can change the world and help others.

“Indie” is an attitude of its own. As nothing restrains them. For they are not working under some so-called labels. With the growth in “Indie Music,” it started to grow its own sub-genres including Indie rock and Indie pop.

Also, initially, those who played “Indie Music” didn’t aim for fame or money, but only their love, passion, and dedication to the music.

“Indie Music” can also be recognized as “Alternative Music” which also comprises which is not mainstream.

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“Record Label” is the major label that’s been in the business for more than a decade and is prestigious in the commercial market. They are the people who sponsor and help an artist make a song, with some limitations as they are the major source of capital.

Their only aim is to gain commercial success with the music. Also, most of the artists go and work with labels to get some financial help or support

This is where “Indie” is different from all these so-called Record Labels. It is for those who are very passionate about their skills and music and don’t want to get burdened over their shoulders with such contacts. Cause their only concern is music. Pure love for music is what makes an Indie musician.

Also, they prefer having no restrictions while preparing music. Also, from an artistic perspective, big label companies do not give you the freedom to show some creativity. Instead bounds with their rules. But Indie music is all about a musician’s passion where he/she wants to present their own music with all the creativity they can show.

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