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Most hated person in the world
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Hey folks! How are you doing? Today’s post will unveil the most hated person in the world. You might be thinking, What made these people get hatred? Well, their deeds led them to this way. They might be criminals, businessmen, celebrities, or leaders. No one hates a person without any reason. There might be controversies that can become a root cause. Let’s go and find out the most hated person in the world. Get to know why they get hatred from the different communities.

Here, we have compiled a list of the 15 most hated person in the world. Without further ado, let’s explore the list and know about these personalities. Here we go.

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1- Andrew Tate

Most hated person in the world: Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is famous for his controversial comments. In an ISKA rematch with Jean-Luc Benoît in 2011, Tate prevailed via knockout to win his maiden world championship. People hate him for his sexist remarks in interviews and on social media. His remarks have drawn harsh criticism since they frequently appear offensive to particular communities and provocative.

During the seventeenth season of the British reality series Big Brother, Tate had an appearance that garnered him further popular recognition. He faced criticism for his racist and homophobic remarks while he was a guest on the show. However, Tate was the third most googled person in 2023 as of December 2023, with over 8.5 million followers on X(Twitter).

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2- 6ix9ine


Next up, on the list is Daniel Hernandez, the American rapper also known as 6ix9ine/Tekashi69. You might be thinking how a rapper could be the most hated person in the world. The fact that he committed violent activities has given him a negative public image and made him a controversial figure. He participated in online trolling and publicity-seeking activities, such as feuds with other artists, and pranks.

Despite his imprisonment, Hernandez achieved commercial success after his release, with his singles “Gooba” and “Trollz” debuting at number three and number one on the Hot 100 chart, respectively. Many opponents claim that 6ix9ine’s actions set a bad example for young followers and contributed to the normalization of violence, crime, and disdain for authorities.

3- Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un has been projected as the North Korean leadership’s successor since late 2010. After his father’s death in December 2011, state television named Kim the “Great Successor”. Kim is the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the President of State Affairs. Kim Jong Un leads one of the world’s most restrictive and dictatorial governments.

His leadership is unique, including significant restrictions on free speech, press, assembly, and other fundamental human rights. Political opposition faces severe punishments, including imprisonment, torture, and even death. Kim Jong Un and the North Korean regime have engaged in provocative actions, including ballistic missile tests, and threats of military action.

4- Jake Paul

Most hated person in the world: Jake Paul

Jake Paul has faced various issues, such as engaging in disruptive and disrespectful behavior in public, vandalism through graffiti, and performing dangerous acts that put himself and others at risk. These activities have resulted in charges of immaturity and recklessness. Paul has been in legal issues, including charges of wrongdoing and unscrupulous business methods.

Moreover, he has been accused of advertising dodgy items and services. Some critics claim Jake Paul’s programming on YouTube and other social media platforms is exploitative and sensationalized, focusing on shock value and controversy to generate views and interaction. Critics have pointed out that his content lacks depth and may harm young viewers.

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5- Taher Shah

Taher Shah

Taher Shah, a Pakistani musician, composer, and actor, attracted international notice and criticism for his unorthodox music videos and distinct style. Taher Shah’s music videos are famous for their unique graphics, which include lavish costumes, bizarre settings, and exaggerated movements.

His numerous media appearances and self-promotion efforts have sparked allegations of narcissism and self-indulgence. Taher Shah’s unique approach, alleged lack of talent, and provocative visuals have sparked considerable criticism. He is a contentious figure in the music business and online community.

6- Vladimir Putin

 Vladimir Putin

Next one, is the Russian PM, Vladimir Putin. Putin’s leadership style exhibits strict features, including crackdowns on political opposition, restrictions on free speech, and censorship of independent media outlets. Putin’s administration has taken part in several military actions and wars, including the annexation of Crimea in 2014, assistance for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine, and military engagement in Syria.

Russia interferes in the political processes of other countries, notably the United States and European nations, using tactics like misinformation campaigns, and hacking. Critics claim Putin has consolidated power by stifling opposition and marginalizing political opponents.

7- Jimmy Kimmel

Most hated person in the world: Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is an American television host, comedian, and producer. While he has received criticism and controversy at times, notably for his previous comic statements, he also has a large fan following and is famous in the entertainment world. Kimmel has shared his own opinions on a variety of social and political topics, including healthcare, gun control, and LGBTQ+ rights.

While these beliefs might resonate with many of his fans, they can also trigger controversy and draw criticism. Kimmel’s career has included many controversial comedy routines and segments. Some of them seem to be inappropriate or disrespectful to certain communities.

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8- Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is one of the most hated person in the world. His election and policies triggered widespread protests. He was the United States’ first president who had no prior military or political experience. A special counsel inquiry found that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Trump’s campaign.

Moreover, Trump propagated conspiracy theories and made several false and deceptive claims during his campaigns and presidency, to an unparalleled extent in American politics. Trump is the first American president who has been impeached twice.

9- Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West is a rapper, songwriter, and producer. West’s strong opinions have attracted extensive media attention. He is popular for commenting on the music and fashion industries, US politics, racism, and slavery. West’s behavior is unpredictable and erratic. He has engaged in public feuds with other celebrities, frequent rants on social media, and emotional outbursts during interviews and performances.

Although, Kanye West has a devoted following and has made substantial contributions to music and pop culture, his provocative words, unpredictable conduct, and polarizing image have made him a contentious figure who has elicited both respect and scorn.

10- Amber Heard

Amber Heard

The highly publicized legal battles between actress Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, have caused quite a stir and drawn intense scrutiny. The former couple has traded allegations of domestic violence, with both parties claiming to be the victims. Widespread discussions sparked after details from court proceedings and leaked recordings have come to light.

Critics have openly accused Heard of hypocrisy, highlighting past allegations of violent behavior against her and questioning her portrayal as a victim of abuse. This perceived double standard has ignited animosity and suspicion among some observers. She has faced sharp condemnation from supporters, colleagues, and the media. Some of her projects have faced criticism as a consequence.

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11- Ted Bundy

Most hated person in the world: Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is one of the most hated person in the world. He was a criminal responsible for multiple serial killings, rapes, and abductions. Bundy’s heinous crimes were a source of widespread horror and disgust. He was involved in vicious and depraved acts that grievously harmed both individuals and communities. The media’s intense focus on his case propelled him to infamy, fueling morbid fascination with his heinous deeds.

During his trial and imprisonment, Bundy’s lack of remorse and unsavory behavior only added to the public’s outrage. He denied guilt and shifted blame, further enflaming the righteous fury of his victim’s loved ones and society at large. In addition, he was also accused of engaging in necrophilia.

12- Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping is the head of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He is a member of China’s fifth generation of leaders. China has intensified its crackdown on dissent, resulting in the arrest and imprisonment of human rights advocates, journalists, and members of minority religious groups.

The administration of Xi Jinping has come under fire for acting violently to bolster its territorial claims in the area and for disobeying the law. China has been at odds with other nations over its trade policies. Some of these include theft of intellectual property, forced technology transfer, and unfair trading practices.

13- Kim Davis

Kim Davis

Kimberly Jean Davis is a former county clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky. She got hatred after she disobeyed a federal court order in the US to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Due to her religious convictions, she refused to provide marriage licenses. It discriminated against LGBTQ+ people and denied them legal equality.

Consequently, LGBTQ+ rights advocates and legal professionals accused her of law disobedience and failure to carry out her official duties. Davis’ actions were criticized for being hypocritical, especially considering her history of several marriages and divorces.

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14- Martin Shkreli

Most hated person in the world: Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli is a businessman with multiple firms. He is also the co-founder of Turing Pharmaceuticals. He became one of the most hated person in the world. In 2015, Turing got the manufacturing license for the antiparasitic drug Daraprim. He then drastically increased the price of Daraprim overnight by 5,000%. This directly affects the patients who rely on the drug for survival.

His arrogant attitude worsened public anger and damaged his reputation further. Afterward, he was convicted on multiple counts of conspiracy and securities fraud related to his management of pharmaceutical companies and hedge funds. His actions represented the greed and immoral behavior of the business and banking worlds.

15- Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif is one of the most hated person in the world. During his tenure as prime minister, Sharif faced accusations of embezzlement, money laundering, and nepotism, leading to calls for transparency and accountability in the government. There have been several accusations of financial misconduct and corruption made against Nawaz Sharif and his family.

Further, Sharif’s economic policies failed to address Pakistan’s economic challenges, such as high levels of debt, unemployment, and inflation. Additionally, his administration grappled with constant conflicts with opposition parties, allegations of electoral interference, and military interventions.

The list is created according to Internet reports or surveys, We have discussed the 15 most hated people in the world. Hope you like the post. If it was helpful to you, don’t forget to like and share it. Follow SiachenStudios and stay tuned to get more interesting posts like this.

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