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The 10 Best Divine Rap Verses

Punya Paap Divine
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In today’s article, we take a sneak peek at some of the best DIVINE rap verses from his collection of hit songs. Vivian Fernandes, better known by his stage name DIVINE, is a rapper from Mumbai, India. He began his career as an underground rapper in and around 2011. He gained a lot of popularity from listeners after the release of the movie “Gully Boy”(2016) inspired by him, which highlights the struggles and hustles these
underground rappers undergo.

DIVINE mostly raps in Hindi and Mumbai street lingo. He obtained mainstream success following his collaboration with Naezy, another Mumbai-based rapper, on the song “Mere Gully Mein” in 2015. He is currently signed by Sony music.

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The rise of hip-hop in India has somewhat coincided with the rise and emergence of him. DIVINE is now more than just a rapper, he is an inspiration to all the hustlers and a figure for everyone who are struggling for success. With accolades and awards to his name, his fiery and anger-spitting verses have struck a chord with everyone around the music world.

DIVINE released his highly anticipated album “SHUTDOWN” this year partnering with Nas’ label – ‘Mass Appeal’ on the project. So, today we will highlight some of the best verses from his songs.

The 10 Best Divine Rap Verses

1 – Kaam 25: DIVINE (From “Sacred Games” Soundtrack)

“Rajneeti mein yahan
Sabse zyaada paisa kyun hai
Public ko nahi dikhta
Waise wala paisa kyun hai
Public ki seva fir
Paise wala neta kyun hai
Mumbai sheher sabko
Kam zyaada deta kyun hai”

Listen To The Full Song Here – Divine Rap Verses.

DIVINE here raises his concern about the highly corrupted politics in practice in India. People vote for their representatives in hope of getting their problems solved but vice versa is happening these days. He also talks about the broadening financial gap between the rich and the poor.

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2 – DIVINE: Kohinoor

“Asal gaane spit karke laya underground mein paisa
Paisa sabko mil raha hai bataya maine kaisa
Industry ko laya maine underground mein
Industry bana ab yeh underground hai
Ab bohot zyada farak tere mere sound mein
Tu hai sound chor mera apna khud ka sound hai
Aasmaan mein chhati meri maa ji proud hai
Aa dabbe mein tha paisa ab teen bank account hai
Mehnat ka hai chhote ab to pehla round hai ha!”

Listen To The Full Song Here.

DIVINE here talks about his struggles and how he has led the underground independent music scene in Mumbai and in India. His work has been recognized by many popular music artists and drawn them towards the underground, helping so many struggling rappers in the country. All of this eventually led to better quality music and quality talents.

3 – DIVINE: Teesri Manzil

“Gir bhi gaya tera bhai uthkar phir machayega
Ek hi to insaan hai akela kitna khayega
Jinke sapne tune tode, Sapno me satayega
Jayega, jaana hai to sabko darta sirf wo usse
Ummeed hai sabko mujhse
Latkaya acha upar
Jab pair zameen pe niche
Par paise ki lalach tujhko khinche
Ae Kisko pasand nahi note hai
Par note-se nahi tolte langot hai
Jab Pariksha tab tere piche koi nahi tikta
Main tujhe jaanta hoon
Tu mera dost nahi dikhta hai
Mushkil aur mera koi rishta hai
Jo Saanp bankar lipta hai.”

Listen To The Full Song Here – Divine Rap Verses.

Above lines tell a lot about DIVINE and how he never gives up irrespective of the failures he faces.

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4 – DIVINE: One Side

“Kya layak ka vo jeev jabh darta hai vo jeene se
Sabko hai marna varna ek doosro ko hi cheer dete
Insaniyat ke shabd nahi hai teri ginti mein
Upar wala bhool gaya bas bhool gaya tu chindi hai
Bhool gaya tu dhool yaha jo mit jayega jaldi se
Khade jaha tu kalti le palle jaha tu palti le
Kya hoga teri marzi se shaitan yaha hai vardi mein
Chalaange beta maarenge jabh rail hai teri chalti mein
Flow mein mere sardi hai isliye show pe mere gardi hai
Chal jo paise aajaye tou slow se sarr pe chadti hai”

Listen To The Full Song Here.

Here, DIVINE is asking a rhetorical question: What is the use of that living being who is afraid of living?He believes in living life and taking risks or this life is worthless. Coming from a not-so-rich family, Divine believes that one should work hard towards a good life. DIVINE calls out online trolls and haters targeting successful people and talks about the differences in their behavior on the internet and in real life.

DIVINE compares these haters to Barfi, an Indian dessert made from condensed milk, labeling them as soft and sweet when in public. As a double entendre, “Barfi” here likely also refers to the protagonist in Anurag Basu’s Barfi!. The protagonist was deaf and dumb, and so are the trolls when they confront Divine.

5 – City Slums: Raja Kumari ft. DIVINE

“Yeh rapper famous huye deke gaali, lambi gaadi
Asliyat mein inki jebein khaali, kalakaari
Haan maas lega humse brahmachari, kar sawari
Apni wahi gully, wahi chali
Kitni naari, kitni chaabi
Note tere kitni saari
Nahi aane wale kaam tere maiyyat pe, swayam se
Jhooth na tu bol paayega
Apne aad fassa kharcha fokat mein tu khayega”

Listen To The Full Song Here – Divine Rap Verses.

In the first line, DIVINE highlights how other rappers say that they gained fame by using verbal abuse and creating controversy around themselves. There on, He says that he still lives in the same gully and in the same chawl, indicating that he is still true to his roots.

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6 – DIVINE: Azadi

“Achhi vidya chahiye aacha khasa maal dena
Nall mein paani chahiye khade rehle line mein na
Zameen apni par note dikha kar sign lena
Drugs laaye ye phir dhakel denge crime mein na
Akela insaan phir gaadi teri chaar kyun?
Ghar mein hai chaar phir rooms tere 8 kyun?
Paison se nahin bante kudrat se hum khaas kyun?
Teri pidhi ka soch wo kaise lenge saans kyun?
(Kya Shoo) Ek tarfa tarazu.”

Listen To The Full Song Here.

7 – DIVINE: Sher Aaya Sher

“Asal rap ka yeh jwala tere aathma mein jagadi
Kyun ki farak hai, tujhe chedney ki talab hai
Tu nakli wala marad
Mardaangi pe kalank
Hawainiyat ki shakal
Jitni tujh mein garmi usse zyada garam mera kalam
Kyu itna besharam?
Kya kaam ka wo aaj jis mein tera kal nahi
Kya kaam ka wo kaam jisme tu safal nahi bal nahi
Dimaag ki zaroorat, Tere bhai ki hukumath
Sachai ki yeh surat”

Listen To The Full Song Here – Divine Rap Verses.

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8 – Divine: Teesri Manzil

“Atmavishwash kisike pairoko chuma nahi
Jo raste pe wo raste se koi guzra nahi
Dekh bete, bas dekh bete, humko chhuna nahi…
Supari lenge chuna nahi
Gali ko kabhi bhula nahi
Shaane banke puche, album kahan DIVINE ka?
Samajhna beta main majorpe jo signed thaa
Phir bhi diye gaane tujhko dilse
Ab bhi pura gang khana khata mere Bill pe”

Listen To The Full Song Here.

9 – Divine: Azadi

“Desh kaise hoga saaf
Inki neeyat main hai daag
Sirf karte rahenge baat
Alag shakal wahi jaat
Vote milne par ye khaas
Phir gayab pure saal
Haan mera bhai hai toh noto ki sarkar hai na
Note se banate aapne beto ko ye star hai na
Kitne bekaar kyun yeh aapas mein jhankaar hai na
Baaki pura desh dube inki naiya paar hai na”

Listen To The Full Song Here – Divine Rap Verses.

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10 – Divine: Jungli Sher

“Chhota sa main ladka
Chhoti cheezon pe main bhadka
Mere daal mein nahi tha tadka
Ghar mein baap ke roz ka lafda
Dafna mushkilon ko
Meri maa ki kamai ne
Baap wala role nibhaya mere bhai ne
Tairna sikha khaai mein
Isiliye shabdon mein gehraai hai
Zindagi toh ek ladaai hai
Jo paiso mein samayi hai
Khoti Pateli tumhari
Peeke liquor wali die hai
Idhar jigar wali die hai
Teri tipper wali die hai.”

Listen To The Full Song Here.

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