10 Best Music Production Schools in India

music production schools in india

While being in the lockdown phase, due to Covid-19 situations, artists are realizing the importance of Music Production for enhancing their skills and to get on with the New-Age Electronic Music, the Music Production Schools of India have also geared up to provide the faster learning environment and dedicated courses for the learners. So here’s our take on the 10 Music Production schools in India.

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1. SeamEdu School of Pro-Expressionism

Sound Engineering FAQ

SeamEdu Music School is based in 3 cities, Pune, Bengaluru, and Chandigarh, the SeamEdu School of Music boasts of being the first Ableton authorized training center along with authorization from many other big names such as AVID, Apple, and Canon. Thus, other than offering Degree and Diploma courses in Sound Engineering, this school is also offering certificate courses on DAW’s such as Logic Pro X and Ableton Live at its Pune Campus.

SeamEdu Music School also gives Individual attention to every possible career option such as Studio Acoustician, Film and Game sound designer, Higher Education in Music Technology, On-Location Sound Recordist, and Live sound engineer. They also boast huge placement partners such as Reliance Media works, ABP news, BYJU’s, Canon, Ubisoft, Radio Mirchi and ISN.

For More details, visit their website – www.seamedu.com

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2. Music Production School, Whistling Woods International

D Wood on 'Rules to be followed for composing music' | Whistling Woods International

This school has the state-of-the-art Sony Media Technology Center, one of the only three facilities like these in the world. This has been provided by Sony to the students to understand and experience their High-end Digital Cinematic Storytelling tools.

Located at the heart of Film City, Mumbai, this School has world class equipments with updated technologies which are currently being used in professional dedicated studios and a great learning and fun environment. They offer 3 year Bachelor courses in Music Production and other certificate courses. They have arrangements where students also have the opportunity to earn while they learn by working on Actual Films and Projects.

For more info on their courses and admissions, visit their website here – www.whistlingwoods.net

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3. SoundIdeaz Academy

Mixing Workshop [Part 1] | Farhad k. Dadyburjor | Soundideaz Academy |

One of the very popular Music Production Schools in the country, Sound Ideaz Academy also boasts of having a huge and varied faculty for training the students.

Sound Ideaz Academy offers different specialised Diploma Courses like Diploma in Sound Engineering with Audio Post-Production Specialization, Live sound, Basic Sound Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Music Mixing and Mastering and Surround Mix(3D) and students can pay them in easy installments.

The Academy also has separate studios for Music Recording, Dialogue Dubbing, Effect and Folley and Final Film Mix. Being located at the centre of the Film and music industry at suburban Mumbai, Many actual film projects have been recorded and mixed in these studios and students are given opportunity to work in these projects while learning.

For more info on their courses, visit the website – www.soundideazacademy.in

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4. True School of Music (TSM)

Music Production at The True School of Music

Located at Lower parel, Mumbai, True School of Music is one such school which covers every aspect of music. The performance section of the school has courses for Guitar, Keyboard, Western Vocals and Hindustani Playback Vocals and the production section has specialised technical courses for Music Production and Sound Engineering. Thus this school is great for the Music Producers who want to build a strong foundation by learning vocals and instruments along with production.

TSM has partnered with the world renowned music school ‘Point Blank’ and it runs a collaborative course in DJ-ing with the same. they also provide students with the opportunity to perform at clubs so that they can learn in the actual environment.

The school also has many notable visiting lecturers from the Industry like Ranjit Barot, Shubha Mudgal and ex-students of Point Blank Sandunes, Arjun and Aerreo.

Visit their website if you want to know more – https://trueschool.in/

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5. KM College of Music and Technology

KM Summer Programme '19: Admissions Open

Founded by none other than A.R. Rahman, who is also the principal of this institution, the KM College of Music and Technology, previously known as KM Music Conservatory is one of the best in terms of learning environment and mentoring and also holds a long list of alumni who are already working as leading professionals in the industry.

The full time courses of Music Production and Sound are Internationally recognised and are run in collaboration with and the Middlesex University of UK. It also runs many part time courses for Instrumentals to Vocals to audio engineering and electronic music.

The courses designed by the KM college are according to the Internationally accepted Curriculum and students can pursue higher education in Music and Technology at colleges abroad.

Visit their website to gain more in-depth knowledge about this institution – https://www.kmmc.in/

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6. Global Music Institute (GMI)

Global Music Institute

The Global Music Institute founded in 2011 is located at Greater Noida. The GMI campus is a huge infrastructure consisting of an Auditorium, multiple classes, many studios and also student housing facility for on-campus accommodation.

The founders of this music school Aditya and Tarun Balani are themselves Berkelee Music graduates and the institute also runs in partnership with the Berkelee School of Music. along with the regular Music Production Courses, The Institute also offers specially designed course on Ableton Live and Logic Pro X. The mentors at the institute are many internationally acclaimed artists and the alumni also include members of bands like Komerobi, Big Bang Blues and Okedo.

Visit their website to know more – globalmusicinstitute.in

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7. Themusic’scool (TMS)

About TMS

This institute is arguably India’s premier and fast-growing school of Electronic Music focussing primarily on Dj-ing and EDM music. Located at Bangalore, this institute consists of mentors like Clement Dsouza and Abhijit Hegde.

Themusic’scool consists of courses from which pass-outs can directly apply for advanced courses at the London’s Point Blank Music School. the DJ courses include everything from beginners to professional and masters programmes. one other unique thing is that they have also designed signature courses of advanced software and instruments of electronic music such as Advanced Traktor, Psy Trance, and Turntablism mentored by the Industry leading professionals.

Visit their website to know in detail – themusicscool.in

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8. DJP Media

DJP Media Education Overview

The DJP media Institute located in Bengaluru is one of the few Ableton India Education Partner. the founder Dawn John Philip who is a Ableton certified trainer, is also a well known music producer.

DJP Media Institute is one of those institutes which beliefs in faster learning and in a short span of time. Not only they have a 3-month dedicated course on Music Production and performing with Ableton Live, they also have individual 1-to-1 classes tailored fit for every individual differently along with many online learning options. The institute is also offering a 2-day crash course on music production with Ableton Live!

Visit their website to see the courses and fees – www.djpmedia.in

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9. Lost Stories Academy

Music Production PRO

The DJ/Producer duo Prayag Mehta and Rishabh Joshi who go by the name Lost Stories are the founding force behind this school. Lost stories are also popular for their unique blend of Indian Folk sounds and Electronic Music and they have some very popular tracks to their credit such as ”Bombay Dreams” with KSHMR and official remix of ‘Faded’ by Alan Walker.

The lost stories academy is situated in Chembur, Mumbai and it offers both Online and Offline courses on advanced Music Production and a dedicated DJ-ing course which extensively deals with Electronic Music. the Music Production course is divided into beginner and advanced level which helps the students to learn this art step by step.

This academy also gives students a worldwide exposure as Lost Stories are already the top Dance Music exporters to festivals like Tomorrowland, Global Citizen Festival, Mysteryland, New Horizons Festival, Sunburn, VH1 Supersonic.

Check out their website to know more – loststoriesacademy.com

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10. Beatfactory Academy

Music Production and Beat Making Workshop at Beatfactory Academy

Setup in 2008, This Music school is located at Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Los Angeles and is founded by Gaurav Dayal, who is a popular name in both Global and Bollywood Music. Consisting of mentors who are Top Class artists of the industry, they also have advanced studio facilities with Vintage Analog Equipment along with Modern Digital Audio Equipments.

They offer courses on DAW’s like Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and various other dedicated courses which are according to the individual requirements. There is also a professional DJ-ing course offered by the school for advanced EDM Music. They also provide Mac workstations seperately for each of their students. With a huge success and placement rate, the academy also has International Acclamation and has been nominated and won numerous global awards.

You can visit their website for more details – www.beatfactory.in

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Although Youtube is a great help for the artists who are beginners in music production and it is true that one can learn a lot in music production through tutorials and lessons. But art is not only about learning, it is also the experience which you get through other artists and these schools can provide you the same. There are plenty of other great schools to choose from like Swarnabhoomi Academy sam.org.in, I love Music Academy www.ilovemusic.edu.in and Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) aaft.com etc. The environment along with the competitive global challenges presented by these institutions may prove to be a great kickstart to your career as a Music Producer.

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