10 Proven Ways to Find Music Inspiration

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In a creative field like Music, creative block or lack of inspiration is very common and it can demotivate you sometimes. Even famous musicians, songwriters, producers, etc, have inspiration issues sometimes.

Passionate musicians work hard for their music and many of them even juggle jobs while keeping music as a side hustle which can easily suck all the energy out of their brains and that usually causes a creative block or lack of inspiration.

In this blog, we are going to look at the 10 best ways to find inspiration for your music. We will talk about some very important points which you should practice whenever you get a creative block and we are sure that they will work for you because we experience such issues too. So let’s get started with the list of 10 proven ways to find inspiration for your music.

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Sometimes it’s just your surroundings that can make a difference. If you are a producer then pick up your laptop and go to a park or cafe, you might get inspired by something and when your brains sense a new location or environment, it automatically gets refreshed.

And if you work on your PC then just change the settings of your room like moving things and cleaning your working desk etc. But since it’s pandemic and going out to write songs just for the sake of the environment can get dangerous than just changing your place where you usually produce or write songs! like if you write songs on a desk then try to do it on the bed or get to your balcony or terrace.

Always keep your surroundings clean, a messy environment can really suck out your inspiration There are many options if you really want to get over your creative block. Just try it and if it does not work for you properly then don’t worry! we still have 9 more topics on this list.


Man Standing in front of guitar music inspiration

We have observed that many musicians and songwriters hesitate while trying something new, they stick to a genre and never try something else. This would obviously mess up your brain.

For example, you cant always make uplifting or chill music because you feel other emotions too! So try to get your hands on something opposite of your regular style, of course, there are high chances that it won’t be good but you won’t know until you try! Get out of your comfort genres, try something different, produce some hip-hop or write something deep, use more wordplays in your lyrics, flip a weird sample, etc.

There are infinite possibilities and you just have to try one or two. keep trying and some ideas will hit your head then you can work around them. Proven Ways to Find Music Inspiration.

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Man playing guitar

This title might sound confusing but by this we mean if you are going through a creative block then learn something specific instead of just randomly sitting in front of your PC or Laptop in hope of inspiration.

Dedicate the whole time to something specific like sound design, compression, and not only producing things but something apart from it too which can help your music career like Networking, songwriting, instruments, etc.

This applies to every kind of musician, if you are a songwriter then try to write about a specific topic, write short poetry, rhyme new words, rhyme multi syllables etc. Just continue this practice till you get inspired by an idea and it is better than wasting time and blaming creative block for the delay in your songs.


two guy playing guitar in forest music inspiration

If you are reading with focus then you know that we mentioned Networking in the last topic and collaborations are really important to get more reach.

Many of you might doubt your skills and even hesitate to ask a Musician for a collab. But you have to stop overthinking about it, just look for a fellow musician and check out his work, give him your honest feedback and then approach for a collab. You can learn a lot of new things with a collab.

You can learn different genres and with two brains there are more ideas and maybe you will get inspired by their sound or maybe they will get inspired by your work.

One mistake that many producers do these days are they avoid collaborations with singers or songwriters because again they doubt their skills. If you won’t collaborate with singers, you would never learn how it actually works. Remixing a song and, making an original song is too different. So don’t hesitate and collaborate with different artists, it will help you gain experience and a new audience too. Proven Ways to Find Music Inspiration.

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Man playing drums

Remixing tracks is important to learn how to process vocals and how to make a complete song! Well making an original song is still different than remixing but remixing will get you an idea and it can inspire you easily because you just have to listen to your favorite songs and remix the one you vibe with.

Some websites can tell you chords, keys, and BPM of the track and will make it easier for you to remake or remix it. And musicians can also make the cover of their favorite songs.

Songwriters can refix the lyrics, add new meaning, a new portion which can help them make a new version of it and they might just make a complete track out of it. Just start a Remix or Cover and it will lead you ahead, just brainstorm and you might get new melody ideas, sampling tricks etc.


challenge yourself music inspiration

You have to understand that even the big names or mainstream Musicians don’t get inspirations always but it’s their work to make music so they do it that’s why you might observe that their many songs are repetitive in structures because a mainstream artist has fans to lose after trying something new but some artists try new things and it doesn’t turn out well but they gain experience.

If you are on a young stage of music then you don’t have anything to lose by trying something new. So, challenge yourself, put a time limit and try to make a track or write a song within it, don’t care about it being good or bad, just do it and at the end of the timer, you would have a rough piece of the idea which you can work on more efficiently later.

Try it twice or thrice, post it on your socials, let your audience judge it and they might like it. Accept the feedback and keep it up until you get a good idea. Proven Ways to Find Music Inspiration.

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Girl listening song on headphone

You might be already listening to your favorite songs on a daily basis but listen to them and focus more on the things you like about that track. Find the reason for it being catchy and hunt for different parameters like finding the chords by yourself, trying to remake the melodies, hunting for ear candies etc, find the factor that makes the track great! Note down things you like and write a whole description of the songs like what elements are in intro, verse, and chorus.

Try to describe the song with detail and after transcribing the whole track, just try to remake something similar to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, just try to make it. If you are stuck on any detail like how they processed the vocals then search on Youtube or ask any fellow producer. Try to learn more and more in different ways.


Musician in studio

Sometimes you just need some new fresh sounds to work with, you might have sucked the life out of the stock VSTs and samples that now your every track sounds similar.

Then just get a new VST or some new sample packs, if you are broke then don’t go running behind those expensive VSTs or Sample packs, cymatics and AngelicVibes have tons of free and great samples, there are tons of free and great VSTs.

Just search on YouTube and you will find out producers reviewing those VSTs for you guys. If you have money then invest in new and different things, buy a microphone and make your own samples, buy a MIDI keyboard and start jamming or making beats live, Make a sample pack or MIDI pack or Mixing template, etc. Again, a lot of possibilities, just try things.


artist produce music in studio music inspiration

Work with an aim and a theme for a track. For example, set a theme like you have to make an aggressive beat and then search about how to do it! Find and note down everything new you find out in tutorials then apply them to your track.

Musicians can do it, a lyricist can write around a theme and give their best in it. And avoid all the distractions, put your phone away from you, and just focus on your music. Brainstorm hard and try new and crazy things, break the rules.

Rulebreaking is important to learn how much you can experiment with a genre without messing it completely! Do whatever you can think of but don’t get distracted from the main theme. You can try to change the genres of your favorite songs, like choose an EDM track and take its chords and melodies then make a Hip-Hop version of it. Proven Ways to Find Music Inspiration.

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man travel alone music inspiration

Yeah, you read that right and it is important too, you might have been out of inspiration because you are just tired of the work you are putting yourself through. If you are doing a job then it is obviously not easy to take a break from it but you can take a break from Music for sure.

Don’t touch anything related to making music for a few days and take proper rest, give your brain time to heal itself, Meditate regularly for peace of mind, hang out with friends, if possible then take a trip to somewhere near nature or somewhere you want to go.

It is alright to take breaks and enjoy, take care of your mental health first and come back even stronger. But don’t get used to the break, keep doing different interesting things other than music to keep a habit and when you will be back, you will get many fresh ideas to work on!

In the end, we would just say that keep working hard and we are sure that these tips will work for you because of personal experiences. And don’t put much pressure on yourself or take it too easy either, don’t doubt your ability, just keep learning more and more.

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