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10 Best Music Production Schools in the World

Music Production Schools
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Whether you are an artist who is looking to add a new skill in your pockets or you are a music producer looking to expand your skills, chances are that you have already searched for many schools to learn music production. 

So to make your job a little bit easier, we have compiled a list of 10 music production schools taking into consideration many factors such as time duration, specializations, mentors, and career opportunities, which will give you some good results and good return of your money. 

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1. Pointblank Academy

This school is no doubt one of the best production schools for DJing in the world. Pointblank is one of those Music Production schools that solely concentrate on dance and electronic music and the courses are famed in such a way to best learn electronic music production in less time.

The school started in London, but now it is spread in 4 other major cities of the world: Los Angeles (U.S.A), Hangzhou (China), Ibiza (Spain) and in Mumbai (India) where it is in partnership with True School of Music.

Pointblank school gives you a lot of options in their courses as they have full long-term courses which are rigorous and heavily detailed and short-term, tightly focussed courses which emphasize more on specific skillsets.

Boasting alumnus like Leona Lewis, Will Clark, Juan Mcclean, Bodalia etc., they provide a huge database of free softwares and plugins with their courses which are really helpful.

If you want more information on this school or get their free tutorials and masterclasses, you can visit their website here:

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2. ICON Collective

Every producer who wants to make his career in Electronic Music should at least once consider enrolling in this school. The ICON collective has a stature, which is envied by many and this is due to its rigorous training methods and its curriculum. It is not only a good school to learn but also difficult to pass.

This school has a huge list of successful and popular alumni like NGHTMRE, Slander, Bonnie x Clyde, Lumberjack, Makj, Pauline Herr, and many more. Also, it has the most number of working professionals as mentors than in any school and thus a lot of career opportunities.

The ICON Collective school teaches you music media and marketing also which is very important for any music producer to understand how to not only create but also market his or her Music. they have various music production programs for 18 months, 12, and 3 months respectively ranging from beginners to intermediates and advanced.

If you want to know more about the school, visit their website:

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3. Liveschool

This school may not be among the big names but this school is certainly not to be left out from the list as it is one of the certified Ableton Live Certified Training Centres and offers specific courses for Ableton Live.

This school is based in Sydney, Australia. the most detailed course of Music production offered here has all that any producer needs starting from the basics to sound design, Remixing, Mixing, and Mastering. the other courses offered and skill-specific but the detailed course on Music Production is also offered in the shorter-term period. also, there are variety of courses like sound designing, arrangement, music theory specializations to choose from, and recently they have launched their online courses platform in which they are offering discounts to students enrolling this year.

You will also get many award-winning artists here to teach you the industry-standard skills required for Music Production.

If you want to learn about their courses and their trainers and facilities have a look at their website :

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4. Berkelee College of Music

Music Production Schools Based in Boston, Massachusetts, and its other campus in Valencia, Spain, and many global partners, this school is no doubt one of the most sought after and respected institutions of the world. This school believes in holistic education creating a whole world of Music for those who enroll in this school. they also have many scholarship schemes through which one can learn in this school.

The Berkelee College has a huge number of courses in Electronic music which are divided into full-term and skill-specific courses such as courses for mixing and mastering. the curriculum is huge and the students get a chance to connect with a vast number of people, artists, and alumni. Also, this school has the most number of Grammy winners as their alumni.

The Berkelee college is known to recruit the most talented and industry-leading contemporary professionals and specialized musicians in their mentoring team and this makes Berklee College’s course very detailed, severe, and very modern.

Find more Information about scholarships, electronic music courses and and online courses on their website:

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5. Pyramind

This is another Ableton Certified Training Centre in the list and also Avid certified. this school is based in San Francisco and has courses for both in campus and online.

The pyramind is a product of almost 25+ years of experience. the founder Greg J. Gordon founded the studio at San Francisco in 1992. since then the studio started expanding due to increasing commercial work in San Francisco. And now they are a full fledged recording studio and a Music Production School. The studio is in our list for one more reason, that they are one of the first certified educators for logic pro, Ableton Live and they have earned many awards being in this business. Their studio is the home to background music of some of the biggest games and also Iron Man 2 movie.

Pyramind offers varied courses like full music producer, Electronic music producer, Game music designer etc. they also have part time programs like Dj production and specific Ableton based production course. there are short term online courses too.

Visit their website for further info:

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6. Beatlab

Beatlab aims at maximum work in minimum time. This school which has been on many magazine covers from time to time employs a unique approach in learning through collaborative learning in a hands on environment.

This is also an ableton certified training facility and this institution also provides specific ableton courses. Their learning module is divided into Certificate courses and master courses. The certificate course is is further divided into basic intermediate and advanced levels Depending on what skills the producer is interested in. The specialised module in their courses aim at specific Skill sets such as using various plugins like serum omnisphere massivex etc.

Their facility is located at Los Angeles and for those who want to to learn on campus they  have the Flexibility of choosing weekend classes so that they can learn part time. 

With Yeuda Ben-Atar ‘Sidebrain’ as their in house mentor, they have many experts from the industry to teach the specifics of electronic music. they have separate trainers for Modern Sound Design, DJing and Ableton Push.

Head to their website if you want to know more about this school:

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7. Noiselab

If you are new to music production,  you should definitely check out this cool as they are giving their introduction course totally free. 

This scool is totally based on learning electronic music production  and most of  their program module is ableton centred as they are also one of the ableton certified training centres. The musical production course of ableton is divided into three levels :  basic intermediate and advanced where the basic course is free. 

They also offer A special course known as the bootcamp which is a rigorous online 18 week program for learning on overview of Electronic Music Production.

In addition to this there are other courses of music production and short term courses concentrating on important topics such as sidechaining FM synthesis etc  and the lessons can be taken both on campus and online. They also have a sound Bank which can be accessed by the students for making music.

Learn more about them on their website:

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8. 343 Labs

This ableton certified Training School Is founded by some of the former members of the Dubstep School of music production when it shut down. So although the school is new, the mentors teaching here are very well trained and highly experienced. 

343 labs started in New York City but now they Have another school in Berlin too. The whole curriculum of the school is divided into 5 major parts: Foundation, sound designing, mixing, mastering, DJing and electronic music production. This curriculum is available in their online platform too. their online platform caters to individual needs as the classes are small with real time learning and there are assignments with weekly feedback.

One thing which is unique to the school is their emphasis on songwriting and a separate vocal production course and they have experts to teach these skills. this is usually uncommon in most production schools but it a very important skill which needs to be polished to success as a music producer.

Get to know more about there courses here:

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9. Toolroom

Although The Toolroom Academy is founded by people who are new to the learning sector But being an independent label, they have worked with many record labels and artists like D Ramirez. Hence they have a proper understanding of the problems that exist between record label and a new talent and they aspire to reduce it through their educational programmes and events. 

The DJ School they formed is situated at the headquarters of the Record label in Kent, U.K. The thing that makes this scool different from others is their approach to the learning process. This school teaches only what they are best at and they teach it in a rigorous and . So the producers who are only interested in  genre like House Tech House and techno should approach the school.

Being a record label, they have many DJ partners working with their label so the students need not worry about specialisation and productive learning as all the DJ’s are available at their disposal.

They offer a step by step course curriculum from foundation to specialisation. they also have certificate courses

For more details, visit the website:

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10. Prodjschool

The Pro DJ school is situated in Amsterdam and is certified by ableton and in partnership with the DJ equipment giant Pioneer DJ. 

Being an Ableton Certified training centre, this school focuses learning on Ableton and on equipments of Pioneer DJ.

The courses offered are in a step-by-step fashion from basic to intermediate to advanced level. the bootcamp course offers a full insight on Ableton Live and how to complete tracks.

The DJ producer course covers some serious skills in all the levels and you get many industry professionals taking masterclasses to understand the skills of of EDM production.

DJ total skill course Is a detailed course to understand the skills of DJing.  

DJ’s like Tim-Ber, Quincy Vano, Renvo and many more are teaching you the skills of modern DJing like shifting genres, mixing acapellas and making mashups etc. at this school. 

Visit their website to learn more about the courses and timings of the course:

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Although there may be many schools which could not be added into the list but we assure you that these schools are one of the best in the world trusted and recommended by many experts of the industry. 

Due to current conditions of the world most of the schools have their own online platform so that you can learn music production at home. You can also visit their website to find interesting stuff on music production skills. Some of the schools have also added a master class in their free subscription courses which can really help you in becoming a better music producer.

We recommend checking out Armin Van Buuren’s master class if you are looking to gain in-depth knowledge on music production. This master class has a total of 33 lessons which are detailed yet easily explained. Head over to DJ Tech Reviews and check out Dex Jones’ detailed review on this outstanding master class for more details.