10 Best Books About Education In 2024 Must Read

best books about education
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Here we go guys, In this article, we will be looking for the best books about education in 2022. As you may know, the world of education is changing every day. How we learn today differs from what it was ten years ago. In this post, I will tell you about some of the best books on education that will help you understand how to make learning fun again for students and teachers alike.

Best Books About Education In 2022 Must Read

1. I Am Malala

You’ll be reading about Malala’s life and her experiences. The book was published in 2013 and written by Malala Yousafzai, Christina Lamb, and Christina Lamb. You can buy the book at Amazon or read it online at Google Books.

In a persuasive tone: “I am Malala” is an autobiography of the Pakistani activist who survived being shot by the Taliban for advocating education for girls in her country. This book will take you through her childhood, teenage years, and even adulthood after she moved to Birmingham with her family to recover from the attack on their vehicle.

It tells how she formed an anti-Taliban media campaign at age 11 after watching coverage about US drone attacks on Pakistan’s border region; how she soon became one of the most recognized faces in Pakistan before being targeted; how she recovered from injuries sustained during the shooting before resuming her activism against extremism; and finally moving to Canada where she continues to advocate for human rights around the world alongside other young leaders such as Desmond Tutu (South Africa), Leymah Gbowee (Liberia), Aung San Suu Kyi (Myanmar). One of the best books about education you must read.

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2. Teaching for Black Lives

The book is a collection of essays by teachers, activists, and scholars responding to the Black Lives Matter movement. As a teaching resource, it can help you understand how black students live in schools where they are often criminalized, harassed, and discouraged from learning. It also serves as an important reminder that “schools are not only sites for indoctrination but also sites where we can think about what it means to be black.” This book is useful for anyone interested in learning more about education reform efforts around racial equity. 

3. The Classroom Teacher’s Survival Guide, 5th edition

The classroom teacher’s survival guide’s fifth edition has been updated for the new school year and covers everything you need to know about teaching in all subjects. It is a practical book that offers valuable strategies and strategies to help you deal with classroom management challenges and increase your students’ learning potential. This book is written by a group of experts who have years of experience in teaching at all levels.

4. The Innovator’s Mindset

The Innovator’s Mindset, written by Dr. George Couros and published in April 2017, is a book that helps the reader develop an innovator’s mindset. The book discusses how to encourage creativity and problem-solving skills in students through the use of innovative practices such as project-based learning (PBL).

5. The Book Whisperer

The Book Whisperer: A Simple Guide to Creating Passionate Readers is a book about reading and writing. It’s written by Donalyn Miller, who is also the founder of the Book Whisperer Academy in Texas. The Book Whisperer was published in 2013 and has since become a best-selling work on education for children.

In The Book Whisperer, Donalyn aims to teach you how being an enthusiastic reader can help kids develop into lifelong learners. She discusses why it’s essential for teachers to understand the importance of reading aloud with their students—especially when those students have learning disabilities or other challenges that make reading difficult. One of the best books about education you must read.

6. Women Educators in the Progressive Era

One of the greatest accomplishments of the Progressive Era was the advancement of women’s rights. Women were finally entering into education as professionals, while also starting to gain a more prominent role in politics. This book examines the history of women educators during this time period and how they helped shape our nation’s educational system.

Martha C. Edgar tells us about some extraordinary women who pushed for equal rights for both genders in education systems across America during this crucial time period when many were turning away from traditional values such as religion and family ties towards concepts like science or progressivism, which focused on material success through hard work instead of relying on God’s grace alone.”

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7. Free Play

Free play is the foundation of all learning, and it’s a skill that can be fostered from birth through adulthood. The importance of free play in the early years has been well documented, but what about later years? How do you foster free play throughout your child’s education?

As an educator myself, I’ve found these tips to be effective:

  • Provide a safe space for exploration. Children need a place in which they can explore without fear or judgment. 
  • Provide opportunities for open-ended questions and answers instead of scripted ones (such as “What did you have for lunch today?”). These types of questions lead children towards deeper thought rather than just surface-level answers; they encourage children to think outside the box! 

8. How Children Learn (Classics in Child Development)

This book summarizes several studies on the science behind learning and the complex ways it can affect children. It also includes information on how to maximize the potential for effective learning. The author explains everything from memory to what makes up intelligence. You’ll find this book helpful if you’re interested in understanding how children learn best, or if you want to know more about what goes into your child’s education at school.

9. Teachers to the Rescue! Helping Families Navigate the New Normal in Education

The authors provide practical tips on how teachers can support children who have experienced trauma while providing valuable resources for families struggling with these issues. They also provide helpful information on why we need this type of book now more than ever before so that we can better understand what our kids are going through right now and what they might face further down the road when they’re adults themselves one day.”

10. Leading with Cultural Intelligence

Leading with Cultural Intelligence is a practical guide for leaders who want to build more effective teams, manage change more effectively, and improve their effectiveness. The book provides readers with a framework for understanding how culture influences how people think and act; how they relate to others; what they value; and what motivates them to work hard. With this knowledge as background, you’ll be able to lead your organization through any transformation—including cultural shifts—with confidence that you’re doing the right thing for everyone on your team.

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In conclusion, the list of books I have compiled is a powerful collection of knowledge and insight from some of today’s leading educators. These books will help you to become a better educator by guiding how to teach students how to think critically and creatively, as well as give them the opportunity for free play for them to grow intellectually. The best part about these books is that they are all available on Amazon Prime, which means you can get them in less than two days!