Best Classical Music Compositions To Help You Study

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Classical music (or any genre of music for that matter) can benefit your mental well being and this has been discussed at great length on various platforms. But can it help you focus while you study? People have varied preferences when it comes to studying. Some prefer to study alone in solitude, some in a crowded library and some prefer studying in groups but no one opts for studying with music as their first instinct.

Researchers say that studying music playing, specifically classical music, can benefit people. For instance, it may help you to focus, build concentration, and can also improve performance in high-pressure situations. Now, we know that classical music is not everyone’s “go-to” genre of music but there is a whole world of classical music that you can possibly benefit from as you study so don’t knock it till you try it. Here to make things easier for you, is a list of the best classical music to study. Also, If you want to write an essay you can use a cheap paper writing service.

1 – Goldberg Variations by Bach

This beautiful piece of classical music is ideal for when you are just starting to study. Composed by Bach, Goldberg Variations starts off slow but eventually picks up the pace which could push you to pick up the pace of your studies as well in case you are on a deadline.

2 – Academic Festival Overture by Brahms

Academic Festival Overture is that piece of classical music that will send jolts of energy into your system. This one has various highs and lows in the arrangement which is perfect when you want to study as the slow parts calm you down and the upbeat parts wake you up.

3 – Etudes by Chopin

This classical music composition is perfect to listen to post-break when you trying to get back in the zone to study. With most of the segments being fast-paced and upbeat, this could help you finish a lot of your work within a short time

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4 – Piano Concerto No. 23 by Mozart

One cannot have a classical music list and not include Mozart. Piano Concerto No. 23 is an extremely popular composition by Mozart. This iconic classical music piece is sure to give you happy and positive vibes with its perfectly balanced rhythm and melody, keeping you in a calm and at peace kind of state of mind when you study.

5 – Holberg Suite by Edvard Grieg

This classical music composition by Edvard Grieg is fast-paced and upbeat right from the start. This one will definitely keep you engaged and alert as you sit down to study or revise.

6 – Rêverie by Claude Debussy

Personally, this is one of my favorite classical music compositions to play as I study. The soothing and soft melody will surely keep your mind calm and because this is a such a soft piece, it can be played in the background as well.

7 – A Beautiful Mind (A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics) by James Horner

Ideal to listen to right before you sit down to study, this piece of classical music is absolutely beautiful and can get you in the zone effortlessly. This one is guaranteed to make you feel like you can achieve anything which is exactly what you need as you hit the books

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8 –  Moonlight Sonata (I) by Beethoven

Composed by one of the leading names in classical music, Moonlight Sonata is a soothing piano piece perfect for study time. The calm and melodious yet engaging rhythm is ideal to be played in the background as you do some intense reading.

9 – Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie

A simple and minimal classic music piece by Erik Satie. This one is ideal for when you want to listen to something during a study break or can even be played in the background while you power through your textbooks.

10 – Symphony No. 2 by Anton Bruckner

This composition by Anton Brucker is one of the best when you want to study. This piece of classical music is soothing at first and then intensifies as it keeps going making it ideal for when you need that extra push.

11 – Die Moldau by Bedřich Smetana

A fast-paced and beautifully engaging piece, this one will definitely make you feel happy and relaxed. Moldau is one such classical music piece that will keep you in a good mood as you study. The upbeat rhythm of this one could help you if you have a lot of writing or typing to do.

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12 – Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage by Felix Mendelssohn

And finally, is this soothing classical music piece by Mendelssohn. This one is ideal to listen to before you study as it is can calm you down and help you focus. The soft melody will not intrude on your reading if played in the background.