12 Best Doris Day Songs You Must Listen

Doris Day songs
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In this article, we are presenting you Best Doris Day Songs. As you all know, Doris Day is a world-renowned professional actress, singer, and animal activist. Doris is one of the mainstream artists who shaped the industry the way it is today. She was very versatile and one of the biggest superstars during the 40s, 50s, 60s, and early 70s.

She lived her life to the fullest and dies at the old age of 97 years old. Earlier in her career, she used to sing for big bands but later going solo and becoming one of the biggest stars of her time. So, today we are here to find some great Doris Day songs which everyone should hear at least once as her songs are a treat to the ears.

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Day has won several awards which include winning seven golden globes Awards, the Presidential medal of freedom in 2004, and a lifetime grammy award in 2011. In her career, she also did many films which includes some classic romantic films. She will always be a pioneer to all the women out there in the world fighting, living and doing things the way they want to.

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She would be an actor but mostly her singing process was something else. It was something out of the world. She was rich with talent and was blessed with a warm voice that will soothe your hearts. So, in honour of Doris Day, we are here with a list of the 12 best songs by Doris Day which you must listen to.

12. I’m Confessin (That I Love You) (1951), Doris Day

I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)

11. Bewitched (1950), Doris Day

Doris Day - Bewitched (1950)

10. My Darling, My Darling (1949), Doris Day and Buddy Clarke

Doris Day & Buddy Clark - My Darling, My Darling

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9. Shanghai (Why Did I tell you) (1951), Doris Day

1951 HITS ARCHIVE: Shanghai (Why Did I Tell You I Was Going To) - Doris Day

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8. Sugarbush (1952) , Doris Day and Frankie Laine

Doris Day & Frankie Laine - Sugarbush (1952)

7. If I give my heart to you (1954), Doris Day

Doris Day: If I Give My Heart To You

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6. Que Sera Sera (1956), Doris Day

Doris Day - Que Sera Sera

5. It’s Magic (1948), Doris Day

Doris Day - It's Magic

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4. Again (1949), Doris Day

Doris Day - Again

3. Secret Love (1954)

Doris Day sings "Secret Love" (HD unedited)

2. Love Somebody (1948)

Doris Day & Buddy Clark - Love Somebody 1948

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1. A guy is a guy (1952)

Doris Day: A Guy is a Guy

So these are the 12 songs by Doris Day a person must listen to at least once. So, listen and enjoy Doris Day at your home safe.

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